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Cover Letter Writing Tips For Graduates

Have you just graduated from university or are you still studying but want to find some job? Then you have been obviously faced with such a problem as writing a good CV that will allow you to get that your dream job. If there are a lot of examples of how to do CVs and […]

How to Get Noticed: 4 Ways You can Spruce Up Your Resume

In today’s competitive job market you can’t afford to skimp on any part of the preparation process. Resume building is a big step in the process and could make or break your ability to get an interview. Your resume is an employer’s first glimpse of you and your work experience so you want to make […]

4 Ways to Show your ROI on Your Resume

In a non-technical language, ROI (Return of Investment) is the value of skills that an employee offers to an employer. For employers, an employee is just like another investment that they want to add more fortune to their business. Naturally, when recruiters seek candidates for a job, they look for someone who could bring more […]

5 Killer Mistakes that will Destroy Your Resume

Are you interested in getting a better job with a better salary and better perks? If yes, then it’s your resume that will determine whether you should advance in your career or not. You only have one chance to capture your recruiter’s attention, and if you miss that chance, then you will never get an […]