5 Killer Mistakes that will Destroy Your Resume

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  • Are you interested in getting a better job with a better salary and better perks? If yes, then it’s your resume that will determine whether you should advance in your career or not. You only have one chance to capture your recruiter’s attention, and if you miss that chance, then you will never get an interview call. Thus, your dreams will shatter because of a resume that contains some killer mistakes.

    A lot of job seekers try to feel better by thinking that since the competition is tough,a lot of resumes are ignored and deleted even before they are opened. This perception is wrong. Recruiters take a quick peek at resumes and those that look relevant are saved for further scrutiny. Passing the first phase is not a big deal if you have relevant experience and education. The problem occurs in the second phase when your resume is read in detail. If you have made some mistakes inadvertently, then you will kill your only chance with your own hands.

    If you are serious about getting a job, then you must take your resume seriously as well, because it’s your resume that will help you sell yourself and empower you to climb the corporate ladder with tremendous success.

    Having said that… let me share with you a few common blunders and mistakes that can totally destroy your resume as well as reputation.

    1. Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

    It doesn’t matter what position you are applying for, if your resume contains grammatical and spelling mistakes then you will mess up your first impression with your own hands. You will force your employer to think negatively that if you are making mistakes even though you haven’t been hired yet, how many mistakes you will make after you are hired. You can’t create a good image with silly mistakes.

    Remember, your spell-checker will not automatically correct every single mistake. For example, if you write ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ then the spell-checker may neglect this mistake. So, it’s best to proofread your resume thoroughly to avoid any mistakes.

    2. Present Tense vs. Past Tense

    It’s best to present your achievement and experience in the past tense. Even though there is no hard and fast rule, but there is one mistake a lot of people make – They use present tense as well as past tense instead of using just one. For example:

    • Provides feedback to…
    • Developed new strategies…

    This just doesn’t look or sound right. So, stick to one of them, because this blunder can easily ruin your resume.

    3. Don’t Say You are Inexperienced

    Most companies look for employees who are experienced. If you clearly state in your resume that you have no experience and that you are looking for a job to gain experience, then it will turn out to be a big mistake. So, what should fresh grads do in this kind of situation? Instead of stating that you are inexperienced, talk about your skills and tell them how they will help you produce great results.

    4. Avoid General Statements

    Your employer wants to know what you can actually do. If you write broad sentences such as, “I can solve problems” or “I can make a difference” then they will not be beneficial at all. In fact, your employer will lose interest in you. If you wish to grab the attention of your employer, then you must make your resume as personalized as possible. Share your achievements and skills in a concise and clear manner.

    5. Avoid Unnecessary Details

    If you think that a lengthy resume will look good, then you are mistaken. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you need to provide to-the-point information. Even if you have 10 or 15 years of experience, just talk about the things that are relevant to the job. You will never be able to impress your employer by including unnecessary details and making your resume lengthy. Keep it simple but effective.

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