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3 Tips for Students Considering an MBA from India

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree is considered a stepping stone to career success. It provides the confidence needed to work at managerial levels. By focusing on the practical side of business management, MBA program aims to develop skills required to succeed as a manager. These include functional business skills such as finance and marketing […]

Alternative Career Paths to Consider

Getting a good business degree is a gateway to many enjoyable and lucrative careers. The great thing about these types of degree is that you don’t just have to stick to one industry sector. For many people a business degree means either going into business for yourself or joining an established company and working up […]

Why Becoming A Pharmacy Technician Is Worth Your Time?

In this modern day of age, the medical field and health care in the overall is one of the best fields for finding a prosperous career. A pharmacy technician can find a job position in both public and private drug stores, analytical and other laboratories, drug and medicine industry, for humans and animals, plus in […]

Five Reasons to Study Abroad

Going to college is about more than simply getting a qualification, and many students are finding that a period of overseas study offers the exciting social experience they’re looking for. Read on to discover five reasons why you should consider studying abroad. 1) You’ll experience something totally new College is one of the rare times […]

Items Every College Student Needs to Own

You will often hear that student life will be the best time of your life – and with reason. Not only will you find out so many interesting things in college, but you will also have the time to meet tons of truly good people with whom you share your interests. And, maybe the best […]

The Young Job Seeker’s Paradise: Chandigarh

The amazing city of Chandigarh cannot be considered as an IT Hub or a major industrialized centre comparable to the other major metro cities in the country. But Chandigarh’s ability to employ young aspirants in a variety of sectors is comparable to other big metropolitans in the nations and is growing steadily to make its […]

5 Killer Mistakes that will Destroy Your Resume

Are you interested in getting a better job with a better salary and better perks? If yes, then it’s your resume that will determine whether you should advance in your career or not. You only have one chance to capture your recruiter’s attention, and if you miss that chance, then you will never get an […]

7 Reasons Not to Join a Sorority

For some, sorority life may seemlike a good idea. On the flip side, I feel that the cons always outweigh the pros when it comes to Greek life. Many girls decide to give sorority life a go in their freshman year, only to realize later that “it’s not their thing” at all.  And that’s nothing […]