Items Every College Student Needs to Own

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  • You will often hear that student life will be the best time of your life – and with reason. Not only will you find out so many interesting things in college, but you will also have the time to meet tons of truly good people with whom you share your interests. And, maybe the best thing about being a student is the fact that you finally get to live away from your parents in a dorm room with your roommate. Now, sharing a room may come as a shock to those who do not have a brother or a sister. Having a roommate means that you share the same room, sometimes the same food, thoughts, good and bad moments together, and the like. In order to prepare yourself for college life, here is a list of must-haves you should bring with you to the dorm.

    1. Planner

    Student life demands a lot of planning: the classes, meetings, office hours with your teachers, tests, exams, seeing your friends, your girlfriend/boyfriend, parties, etc. There is a number of things you need to schedule and a planner is simply what you simply must have. Be it a paper or phone planner, your life will definitely be much easier with it.

    2. Ear plugs

    Living in a dorm means sharing the same space with the rest of its residents, and in spaces with a lot of people it is inevitable to hear some things you do not want. Especially when you have a lot to study for your exam and the guys next door are planning to have a party or if they like studying with music and you do not. This is why you will love the inventor of ear plugs.

    3. Electric kettle/water heater + mugs

    If your dorm does not have a separate kitchen, like most, then you will need to spend a lot of time there for preparing food. However, having an electric kettle in your room would mean that you can prepare coffee, tea, instant soups and noodles right there, so you do not have to run to the kitchen to heat some water. And, along with a kettle, you will need mugs, which can be an expression of your personality – from those in different colours, to those hand-made. And this way, you can always invite someone over for a cup of hot cocoa, especially during winter months.

    4. The right Clothes

    What many freshmen have doubts about is what clothes should they bring to college when they leave home during their first days in September/October. Of course you should not bring your entire closet, rather you will need only the basics – jeans, t-shirts, tops, shirts, jackets, sweaters, pyjamas, a robe (which you will need especially if you share a bathroom), and of course – party dresses, in case you get invited to a cool freshmen party. And finally, bring a lot of underwear and socks. Surprise, surprise, many students will do laundry only when they run out of underwear. This is why you can postpone doing the laundry for two or three weeks, or even longer.

    Another thing you will need is a smile on your face. During your first days at college you will probably be amazed by the number of new things you will be introduced to, and having a smile on your face may as well help you meet a new friend or the love of your life.

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