8 Tips to Make Your Outdoor College Event a Success

outdoor college event

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  • College parties seem spontaneous only at first glance.

    They are actually quite complex to organize since there are numerous things organizers must look after.

    If you are thinking of throwing one for your coeds, then these 8 tips will make your outdoor happening a success.

    Location is everything

    A secluded lake of pristine water and bordered with pine forest seems as the perfect location, but it’s a logistic nightmare. How will the party-goers get there? If there is no public transport, you have to organize one, which is an additional cost. If you want to stay within a humble budget, then opt for an open space within city limits. Any lot without much foliage or stones to trip over would be suitable. Of course, you will require someplace on a smaller scale.

    Timing is also everything

    Stating the obvious: people need to be free at a given time to come. If students are your target group, then choose an evening time, when they have fewer obligations at the university.

    Also, the season has to be chosen carefully. Summer is the most suitable, but avoid the days with tropical climate. Always aim for moderate weather conditions as much as possible.

    Organizers, not an organizer

    No man is an island, the English poet John Donne proclaimed, and neither is the organizer. Mass events such as these require you to gather a team of people to organize it. They needn’t be professionals, they can be your friends, but they have to be dedicated to the task beforehand.

    Go big

    Since the event is hosted outdoors, attain an outdoor mindset as well. Many people are likely to attend and some to drop in unannounced, so you have to be a well-prepared host ready to please them all. Arrange for various activities to take place on the grounds, aside from the mandatory food and drinks. You can event include sponsors who will have their booths and in return, you will get the much needed financial funds.

    Safety first!

    Many tend to disregard this element and then when someone gets hurts they get in trouble with the law or even get sued. Think about safety in advance and prepare. You can hire security guards or even ask the local police to attend the event if the community is smaller. Another great thing to do is look for products offered by Fortress Fencing, for example temporary fence panels which you can use to fence off the venue. This way, unwanted visitors will be kept far away and you can control the crowd, monitoring entrances and exits.

    Mobile toilets

    Now that you have secured the perimeter, you have to make sure visitors don’t do the number one or two in someone’s backyard. Providing the event with sanitary installation, such as running water and mobile toilets is a must. There should be enough of these as queues are not a pretty picture.

    Providing power

    If the event prolongs into the night, then you need lights. Music also requires power, so it is best to sort this issue first. Enquire at the local power company how much it will cost and be sure to make the appointment with the electricians. Also, before the event starts and as soon as the power comes, check to see if all the equipment is working properly. Remember: no power, no party; just ask Adele.

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    We have no doubt that you can throw a hell of a party, and neither do you. But in order for other people to certify this, they first have to come to the event. Word of mouth is by far the best way they will find out about the event, but don’t shy from other advertising methods as well. Posters on the campus are always a good commercial. You should create a Facebook event and disseminate the invitation across all other social media, such as Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Join the official university groups and post the event there as well.

    All the tips we have listed actually go under planning. You have to be aware of all the different types of challenges you might face while preparing the event. Once all the prerequisites are met, the organizing part can end and the fun can start.

    Image Credit: Pixabay

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