How Should You Start Your Day in College?

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  • Have you ever had that feeling that the best idea would be just to stay in bed today?

    That first train of thought in the morning, talking to you seductively trough the voice in your head about the glorious benefits of giving up, lead on by the notion that a tricky task is long overdue.

    Don’t skip a day. It’s a waste of your time as much a waste of the talents you hold. Motivation is found everywhere, especially in the places you least expect it.

    Breakfast: The Most Important Meal Of The Day

    The first thing you should treat yourself to is a healthier diet, one step at a time. Try cooking at least one proper meal a day. Who knows, maybe you’ll grow to like it.

    And if not, take breakfast a bit more seriously. Its the most important meal of the day, as well as the energy boost you need in the morning.

    So, lets put this in perspective. Imagine your body being a vehicle so amazing that it uses many types of fuel. The only problem is the choice of fuel directly impacts the life of your engine, in this case much more than others. Keep your engine clean, its the only one you’ve got.

    Motivation is the main concern in most cases I’ve seen, including my own. Even with a healthy lifestyle its not that easy to keep concentrated for hours, trying desperately to hold on to heaps of new information thrown relentlessly at you. Also we live in a world where tons of interesting, irrelevant, attention draining stuff is just a click away.

    Young people often resort to stimulating drugs such as amphetamines to amp up concentration in desperate times. Try to avoid this because the easy way out is most probably not the best one.

    How To Stay Motivated

    Always try to have something to look forward to. For example, if you have a lesson which only partly interests you, focus your attention on that one single thing, and work around it to get through the tough ones.

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    If you have band practice or a game of Overwatch, or something you really enjoy doing, keep it in the back of your mind at all times, as if it is your daily reward for studying harder. Not only will you have more motivation, but the prize at the end would be that much sweeter.

    Don’t give yourself excuses. Give yourself guidance. Cut down tasks into small, more manageable mini-tasks, and keep a steady pace going. Feel grateful for another day, not angry with the one behind you.Every single thing in your life is happening in the present moment.

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