3 Tips for Students Considering an MBA from India

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  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree is considered a stepping stone to career success. It provides the confidence needed to work at managerial levels. By focusing on the practical side of business management, MBA program aims to develop skills required to succeed as a manager. These include functional business skills such as finance and marketing as well as personal skills like good communication and time management.

    MBA is the preferred course for a large number of engineering and commerce graduates in India. Moreover, many international students also come to India to pursue MBA programs or as part of MBA exchange programs. The popularity of India as an education destination has increased significantly in recent years.

    Although, there are world class educational facilities in the US and Europe, many education opportunities exist in India that can help students excel in their respective fields.  The use of English language as medium of instruction, good quality of education and the presence of multinational companies has made India the preferred choice of many students planning to study abroad. 

    Here are some useful tips for the students planning
    to pursue MBA from India-

    • Career goals
      Before opting for an MBA, it is important to define your career goals clearly. Many students get into an MBA program thinking that in the next two years they’ll figure out what to do next. It is important to understand that MBA is a big investment. You spend two years in the program and the fee in most colleges is quite high. Therefore, having clear short term and long term career goals in mind will help you make the right decision.
    • Choosing the right MBA college
      Although, the rankings cannot be ignored, it is important to keep your personal and professional goals in mind while selecting the right college.  Apart from the programs and the faculty, it is important to take into consideration the culture of the college. While some students enjoy the thrill of competition, others prefer a more relaxed environment. Selecting the college with the right culture will make your MBA experience more fulfilling and help you achieve your goals.
    • Make the most of MBA networking events
      Networking events are one of the most important aspects of MBA programs. Building and cultivating relationships during MBA will prove to be immensely helpful in your career growth. However, networking is important during the application process as well. Many business schools host networking events where prospective students can meet college representatives. Building meaningful relationships in these events will help you throughout your MBA program and also make your career growth easier.

    Pursuing MBA from a prestigious institute is like a dream come true for many students. The course prepares you for competitive business environment. However, due to strong competition, getting into a reputed MBA college in India is no easy task. As an MBA Aspirant, you’ve to sit for CAT, CMAT, XAT and other competitive exams. The scores in these exams will eventually determine the college one goes to.

    There are many other courses in India that are quite popular amongst students from other countries. The British council recently devised a plan under which 25,000 students will come to India to pursue different courses over the next five years. For anyone planning to pursue MBA from India, the above tips will prove to be very useful.

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