4 Ways to Show your ROI on Your Resume

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  • In a non-technical language, ROI (Return of Investment) is the value of skills that an employee offers to an employer. For employers, an employee is just like another investment that they want to add more fortune to their business. Naturally, when recruiters seek candidates for a job, they look for someone who could bring more value to the organization by capitalizing on his professional capacity.

    Importance of ROI in Writing a Resume

    For any organization, ROI is a driving force when it comes to hiring workforce. Unfortunately many job seekers tend to overlook this important facet of resume writing which result in their failure to get a desirable job. No matter if you are writing a resume on MS word template or getting it written by a professional resume writing service, the ROI should be the most important area that your resume should put all the emphasis on.

    A candidate who offers higher ROI to an employer is likely to get a job than someone who just focuses on the cliché of resume. Therefore, ROI is the first thing you should capitalize on while writing a resume. In simpler words, you need to demonstrate to the employer about how your set of skills would be a benefit for him. To make it happen, you need to be more descriptive while quantifying your skills in resume. However, if you lack the skills to write a resume, let us help you with these 4 expert tips:

    Show Your Time Management Skills

    For any employer, running a business is about making more money and saving more time. This is why a productive worker is an asset for any organization. By showing a potential employer that you can do more in less time, you implicitly convey that you can produce more results. The employer measures your performance on the yardstick of time. Therefore, you need to show your efficiency with your previous projects that saved your employer a great deal of time. By showing your performance in terms of hours, days and months, you prove that you are able to deliver higher results even in tight deadlines. In this context, you can list cases where you completed a project in fewer days as a result of your time management skills.

    Showcase Your Leadership Skills

    Employers prefer hiring candidates who has experience in leading teams. So, if you were a manager or team leader in your previous organization, then you have to specify skills in your resume that made you a successful leader. In this context, you can write about your soft and technical skills that helped you successfully run a team. For example, you can write about your multitasking skills that made it possible for you to do more than one job as manager or you can discuss your influential personality that helped you gain confidence of your team. Such a candidate turns out to be a valuable addition for any organization as it helps build and retain an effective team which results in higher productivity and better results.

    Share An Example When You Anticipated a Situation

    Employers search for candidates who can anticipate situations and make timely decisions, especially when they need staff for senior positions. A successful organization depends on decision makers who can foresee situations and take actions without always needing support of upper management. So, you can share an example when your timely initiatives helped your ex-employer roll in more dollars or saved him from a potential loss.

    Highlight Your Role in Increasing Sales

    For any employer, adding more zeroes in annual sales is the ultimate goal. When you apply for a job, the employer looks for skills that could be more beneficial in increasing sales. Though, this is not directly applicable for every job position, you can still manage to take the credit by showing some of your previous experiences. As an example, you can list down policies that helped you deliver more projects in less time which indirectly implies that you can help your organization get more work and earn more money. Similarly, if you are a HR professional, you can mention policies that streamlined HR management process and reduced additional costs of hiring and training.

    Last Words…

    ROI is the only standard an employer applies in the hiring process. For decades, organizations have been employing practices to evaluate candidates and find out their value on scale of ROI. Hope, the above mentioned tips help you successfully convert your skills in terms of ROI.

    Mohsin is a content developer by profession, and by passion he’s a writer who loves writing and tackling topics that give meaningful insights into job industry, resume writing, and etc. When not writing, he loves to indulge in online gaming, movies and TV shows.

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