The Best Prep Courses to Help Your Teen Prepare for College

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  • Many parents rightly worry about their teen making it to college. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), almost two million bachelor’s degrees are granted every year. Parents who hope their children will join these numbers should follow the advice below to get them prepared and ready for what they might face in their upcoming education.


    The most basic subject all teens should take is English. First, any type of English course will improve reading comprehension skills, which are necessary for understanding everything from college coursework to job applications. Enhanced reading comprehension skills will make college classes less frustrating, and more interesting. As a students’ reading comprehension increases, so will their vocabulary and intelligence. Writing skills are also necessary to fill out college applications, essays, and homework. Most importantly, students must be able to clearly and concisely express themselves through written assignments. This will enable them to better communicate with their professors and other students.

    Have your high schooler take advantage of an AP course, Pennsylvania cyber school course, or special writing seminars to get them a head start over the competition.

    ACT and SAT Prep Courses

    ACT and SAT prep courses will most likely be offered after school, or through community programs. However, these courses are an essential part of helping teens succeed in college. ACT and SAT prep courses will help students fully understand their academic strengths and weaknesses. Based on the exam feedback, the student will be able to adjust their academic goals and direction. It can also reduce potential problems through allowing the student to delay taking the test, until they can achieve a better grade. Keep in mind that students should consider taking the actual ACT or SAT exams after mastering their practice tests.

    Research Skills

    There may not be specific research classes for teens to take, but almost every college class will involve some kind of research. College students must be able to research and create well written and thought out essays. Humanity coursework, such as history or psychology, will require students to explore abstract ideas and events through engaging narrative. However, math, science, and technical coursework will require succinct explanations and summaries. Therefore, teens should focus on how to build up their rhetoric and logical argument skills on one hand, and practical and synthesizing skills on the other. This can only be accomplished through the proper assessment, collection, and evaluation of research data.

    Today writing skills are becoming more important as technology, such as social media and texting, cause people to over simplify and under explain themselves. ACT or SAT prep courses will benefit students in the long run and get them a starting point for any academic career. Parents should encourage their teens to pay close attention to feedback from teachers about their research skills and writing as well.

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