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private tutoring

5 Important Benefits of Private Tutoring for Students

There are several reasons why parents choose tutoring for their children. Some parents usually feel they are unable to assist their kids with schoolwork. Others usually find that their children are more receptive to handle school struggles with the help of another person. Tutoring is important for children because it can help to boost confidence, […]

study tips

Study Tips for College Students

You might think that because you have graduated high school, you have a pretty good grasp of how to study effectively. However, when you go to college, you will no longer be living with your parents or guardians, and thus you will not have anyone standing over you and making you put in the long […]

stay active studying

A Breath of Fresh Air: How to Stay Active Whilst Studying

You’re a few months into your first year at college, the workload has picked up and you find yourself spending all your time either in lecture room, the library or in your dorm studying. It’s easy to imagine and hard to avoid. In the winter months especially, when days are shorter and temperatures colder, it’s […]

study skills

Savvy Study Skills for College Students

Whether you’re starting your first semester of college or returning for another year, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about how to succeed in your classes. There are many different approaches to studying — our minds learn so differently that there couldn’t possibly be a one-way-fits-all method. Therefore, it can take some trial and error […]

4 Study Tools for Students That Want to Increase Their GPA

A good GPA is a requirement if you want to go to college. Some community colleges are now starting to require a minimum high school GPA for admission. If your career aspirations involve going to college or getting a technical or vocational education at a community college, you will need to have a certain minimum […]

Skills Essential to Students

Here at Small Steps Project, we aim at more than helping kids living in rubbish dumps. Aside from delivering basic aid, from shoes, gloves and clothing, we also try to develop the children’s ability to study and learn new things. By supporting them in taking small steps into education, these children can shape their own […]

Organizational Skills Help at Boarding School and Beyond

Daily life is complicated pretty much for the duration, but students who are still learning to manage their time may find high school to be especially difficult to navigate without the proper organization. Even boarding schools require a certain level of commitment to organizational skills. However, if high school students can master this life skill […]

How to Cope With Distraction Quickly While Studying

Many students are unaware of strategies that can help them to fight with distraction at study time. In order to obtain good results in academic semesters students have to spend ample amount of time in studies. Good news is that there are some effective ways by which you can avoid distraction in a quickest manner […]

How to Improve Your Concentration While Studying

No matter who you ask, everyone will say they can only study when they are in ‘the zone’. The only problem is that ‘zone’ is different for almost everybody. Some people study best in absolute silence, some will study best with music on, and then it breaks down further into the time of day and […]