Testing Coding Candidates: What is and is Not Appropriate for a Trial Test for Candidates?

testing coding candidates

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  • Hiring an employee can be an expensive, time consuming endeavor. 

    When you invest valuable time training your new hire just to find out that they are not right for the position, you have wasted both your and their time. 

    To alleviate this potential problem, more and more businesses are turning to coding testing to narrow down their hiring pool to qualified candidates. This is especially true for coding and engineering.

    Trial testing potential candidates can be very cost effective, but it needs to be done correctly.

    The appropriate testing for a coding candidate needs to screen for very specific details and the right test developers must watch carefully for what is and is not appropriate.

    Appropriate Trial Tests Field Candidates in a Variety of Ways

    Before taking a coding test, candidates should be pre-screened to ensure that they are appropriate for the position.  Prescreening can narrow down the window of hire to qualifications that are specific to the position.  Once a candidate passes the coding test, they have already met the qualifications for the opening and can move into the interview process with everyone involved having the knowledge that they are valid potential hires.

    In this field particularly, candidates are knowledgeable enough to know how to plagiarize their results.  With this in mind, an appropriate coding test contains advanced plagiarism checks to identify any copied codes immediately.

    Tests should be standardized but questions should be pulled from a pool of pre-created source questions.  Coding skills should cover a wide range of modes, such as interview practice programming, challenges and arcade style design.

    What is Not Appropriate for Trial Tests?

    Engineering and coding are high level careers that require the best of the best to fill the positions that are available in the field.  Because of this, it is not appropriate for candidates to receive help or extra practice with programming that will be required prior to their trial test.

    It is also not appropriate for coding trial tests to discriminate candidates based on any ethnic, racial or disability background. 

    Interviews can be conducted in any manner from question and answer techniques to a spur of the moment algorithm creation.  Trial tests should not focus on only one mode or technique.

    The Challenge is Real

    When you are faced with some of the brightest minds in coding and engineering, you have to find a way to weed out those who are not going to be a good fit with your company or a match for the job that you are trying to fill.  Trial tests are a great way to do this.

    There are many ways for candidates to access potential test questions, practice techniques and modes and prepare for possible scenarios that may occur in the interview process.  Employers have a wide variety of options in being involved in the creation of the trial tests that will be given to their candidates, as well. 

    Working together with the right test developers makes this method of a job screening process much more fair to all of the parties involved and can save everyone from wasted time, money and effort in training the wrong candidate. 

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