The Best Side Jobs for College Students

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  • College isn’t cheap.

    Making ends meet when there’s tuition to pay, living expenses to take care of, and a social life to be had is a real struggle for many college students.

    The lure of paying for everything with credit can be hard to resist, but future you will not be happy to still be paying for all that pizza and beer 10 years after college.

    Don’t let college spending follow you after graduation. Pad your pockets now and easily earn some spending cash with a little side job. These side jobs will let you work on your own schedule, making them some of the best side jobs for college students:

    Put Your Talents to Use

    If you have any artistic or crafty skills, consider putting them to money making use. Those with an eye for photography may consider opening an online shop on SmugMug. SmugMug lets photographers showcase their work, sell their services for events, and sell prints, making it a great option for college students with a passion for photography to make some extra money. It could even turn into a career! For those who enjoy crafting, whether it’s sewing, knitting, or just making stuff, Etsy is a great place to sell unique items and earn some spending cash.

    Look for Jobs on Campus

    Campus jobs are a great option for college students looking to pick up a little extra money. Many college campuses are loaded with job opportunities for students, like tutoring, lab assistant, or a resident advisor (more commonly called an “RA”). Being an RA for on-campus housing has many benefits. Compensation will vary by college but may include free or reduced housing, a meal plan, or reduced tuition.

    Become an Entrepreneur

    You can create your own business and sell popular products in your free time by joining a direct sales company. Becoming an entrepreneur, and your own boss, is easy with well-known companies like Amway. Amway provides a great support base and bonuses for making sales goals, helping many achieve business success. Or, if you’re into fashion, consider becoming a LulaRoe consultant and have fun selling cute leggings, dresses, and sweaters to girls in your dorm. 

    Freelance Your Skills

    You can find all types of freelance work online. Whether you’re an English major or just enjoy writing, online freelance writing or blogging can make a great side job. Turning blog writing into a money generator can take a bit of effort, but it can work with some dedication and a commitment to writing regularly. Writing isn’t the only skill you can freelance. Computer skills, like coding and programming, are in demand. Check out sites like Freelancer to find jobs in coding, programming, and website design.

    Drive or Run Errands in Your Free Time

    Sign-up to become a driver for Uber and work whenever you have free time. When you become an Uber driver you can work as much or as little as you’d like and are completely in charge of the hours you drive. If driving people around isn’t your thing, consider running errands with a newer service like Postmates. Postmates offers 24 hour delivery service of anything from store purchases to restaurant pickups and pays up to $25.00 an hour for making deliveries.

    Sell Things You Don’t Need Anymore

    Get rid of things you don’t need anymore, like old textbooks and outdated fashions, by selling online. You can sell your gently worn clothes to secondhand shopping sites, like, or recoup some money from expensive texts books by selling on BookScouter.

    Get Paid to Test Websites or Take Online Surveys

    You can get paid to test websites and take online surveys if you know where to look. User Testing pays $10.00 per 20 minute test and all you have to do is visit a website or app then complete a couple of tasks and give your opinion. Taking online surveys is another way to earn some extra money without investing a lot of time. My Survey awards points for every survey you complete which can then be redeemed for cash through Paypal or for gift cards.

    Finding the right side job while in college can be tough, you’re busy enough with studying, going to school, and maybe working a full time job. Fortunately, these side jobs can easily fit into busy college life, letting you set your own schedule and make some extra cash.

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