The Importance of Having Your Scientific Manuscript Edited and Proofread

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  • One of the most important goals for researchers and academics is getting their manuscript published in the journal of their choice.

    Any academic who had ever attempted this knows that most journals have very high standards when it comes to accepting manuscripts.

    After submitting your article to a journal, it must pass the first hurdle. The journal will initially conduct a formal check for English language usage, ensure that your paper is free of all errors in syntax, grammar and spelling and verify that the appropriate diction is used throughout the entire article. It is only after passing this test that your article is actually passed to the journal editor for a content assessment, and then, finally, the decision of whether your article will be peer reviewed is made.

    Making it to peer review

    As you can imagine, given the initial hurdle your article has to pass, even if your research is of great interest, if the English is poor this could lead to an initial rejection and publication delays. For ESL authors, the initial language check is especially troublesome. An easy fix in overcoming this obstacle is to utilize a manuscript editing service.

    Manuscript editing services serve as the bridge between language and research. If you choose to hire a manuscript editing service to edit and proofread your manuscript you will be taking steps that will eliminate the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in your article, improve the word use and sentence structure of your article and your ideas will be presented in a clear and concise manner. By submitting your research in manner that is written in flawless English, your manuscript is presented in the best possible light. Thus, you increase the chances of getting your article published.

    Let your research have a broader impact

    Many ESL authors have come to realize that academic publishing is now fully globalized. This means that it is important it is for academics and researchers from around the world to publish their research in English language journals in order to have a broader impact.

    Utilizing a manuscript editing service that specializes in editing and proofreading for researchers and academics is the key to achieving a global impact. In fact, it is increasingly important in academics to acquire competence in writing in English because this skill is truly an essential component of getting your research published in international journals, which allows your work to have a greater influence.

    Submissions in English language

    It is clear that ESL researchers are challenged to write their articles for submission to English language journals. But, in fact, it is more than that, ESL researchers must keep up with the literature (both in their native language and in English), they must conduct research in one language and write up the results in another, search for the right journal, understand the detailed journal and manuscript guidelines, communicate with the journal editors and interpret the reviewers’ comments.

    To publish in an English language journal all of these tasks require extra effort for an ESL researcher, and, to top it off, if the research is published, the ESL researcher must now engage with the readers of the paper in English. This vast range of activity takes many ESL researchers outside of their comfort zone because they are not in their local academic network or their linguistic culture anymore. However, thanks to manuscript editing services, many ESL researchers can put these fears aside and let the experts handle the manuscript editing and proofreading so they can get back to their research.

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