The Pros and Cons of Going to College

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  • To decide if or not you should attend college is not so easy.

    Completing college education takes time, and you have to invest lots of money.

    This is the reason why most people are stuck thinking is college worth the cost and all the efforts and time you will have to invest?

    To make things easier for you and to help you take a firm decision, we shall now discuss most popular pros and cons of attending college.


    Career and financial benefits

    College graduates who have earned a bachelor’s degree make about 50 percent more every year compared to those who only have a high school degree or its equivalent. Now, even if you think money is not everything, but a better salary helps you give your family a better life, allows you to fulfill your dreams, and do everything you wish to.

    Moreover, a college degree is essential for various entry-level jobs. You can also make good connections during your college years, which can prove to be very helpful while you try to find a dream job. Colleges usually also offer students free career counseling and can help you get in touch with alumni and employers, thus making the process of securing a job a lot easier.

    Discover your interests

    In high school, you usually have just a few classes to choose from, but in college, things are different. You can select from hundreds of majors and courses. There may be some core requirements, but you have the liberty to decide which subject interests you most, and you wish to learn more about.

    Furthermore, you have the chance to participate in many types of extracurricular activities, and such activities may turn into lifelong passions, and can even prepare you for the exact type of job you are interested in. You may choose to write for your campus newspaper, and help those who come to you saying, help me write my essay. On the other hand, you may join some campus organization, or be a part of groups that helps those in need.

    Become independent

    Whether you are studying abroad or even in your own city, while attending college, you will be staying away from home. This gives you the chance to be self-dependent. You get to learn to do things like budgeting, domestic skills, and how to keep yourself motivated without the help of your parents. It may not decrease parents’ anxieties about college, but it will make you fill self-sufficient.

    Most people who opt for online education certainly did enjoy more freedom as far as their routine is concerned, but they did not develop or become independent as drastically as those who chose to attend regular college.


    Attending college certainly offers many benefits, but it also has a few drawbacks that you need to be aware of. Let us discover some benefits of not going to college.


    College courses are very expensive, and the costs are just rising each day. This requires students to take a loan, and of course, that loan has to be repaid. Some students do get financial aid, covering a part of their education fees, but not all are that lucky. This is the reason why student loan debt is increasing each day, and this can greatly affect a student’s life post-graduation.

    You might not get what you are promised

    A college degree is considered a good investment because it is said that a college graduate will earn about $1 million more through their lifetime compared to the non-degree holders. Though this is indeed true in some cases, not every college graduate will necessarily enjoy this benefit. If you graduate from one of the most popular universities with great results then certainly you may earn good. The top students can enjoy more than the $1 million figure.

    However, there are very few colleges being a part of which you can earn such a big amount, and being selected into such colleges is not easy. Moreover, with the recession, this $1 million figure is anyway very hard to achieve.

    College education has offered personal, professional, and financial growth to many. According to various studies, college graduates enjoy much better prospects than those who do not attend college. Yes, a student loan is a big concern. Finding out about financial aid and post-graduation debts limitation can make things easier for you.

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