These Apps Will Help You Breeze Through Group Work in College

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  • There are plenty of times where collaboration can produce better results and a good example of that is when you are tasked with working as a group with other students.

    If you are involved in a group-based learning project there are some useful apps that will make the task easier and ensure that everyone is working together as a team when they need to.

    Here is a look at some go-to apps including a file-sharing option that is a no-brainer and a way to keep track of calls, a mind mapping solution, plus details of a useful project management tool and a video conferencing app to help bring everyone together.

    Default Option for Document Collaboration

    There are others of course, but you could argue that Dropbox does pretty much qualify as the default option for many students who are looking for a system that makes file sharing as easy as possible.

    A key selling point for this app is the fact that it comes with 2.5 GB of free storage space which should be enough for most projects, and you can share complete folders or individual documents in most formats, including PDF.

    If you also want a digital voice backup option so that you can refer back to the content of calls to your mobile and take further notes, an Android call recorder app would also be a good plan.

    If you have been speaking to others about the project and discussed some key points, it can be very helpful to replay the conversation and write down some more notes at your leisure.

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    Organize Your Thoughts

    If you want your collaborative efforts to be as productive as possible an app like SImpleMind could help you organize your thoughts and harness the power of mind mapping.

    If you use one of the auto layouts provided with the app you can enjoy brainstorming with ease and because it supports multiple mind maps on the one page, it can help you share your ideas with other students and get their input too.

    Delegate Tasks With Ease

    If you are looking for a project management tool that makes it easy to share and collaborate with others in the group, an app like Flow might be what you are looking for.

    Feedback for this app suggests that rather than trying to re-invent the wheel. Flow aims to make it simple to plan a project and then delegate certain tasks to other students once you have made a list of all the components of the project.

    You can use the activity log to get an overview of the project and see when each task has been completed.

    Bring Everyone Together

    Even if you are collaborating with students at the same college it is not always possible to get everyone together in the same room to discuss your project.

    If you download a video conferencing app like Zoom it does give you the option to bring everyone together and even work off the same whiteboard shared across all the users.

    The fact that you can join a meeting via your mobile wifi is another positive and if you use an app like this, it gives you the chance to discuss topics as a group and even share files during the video meeting.

    If you are tasked with working together on a project, using apps like these will help with communication and should ensure you get things done and meet your deadlines with ease.

    Jon Grantish is a student keen to explore a career in writing. He works for the student newspaper and writes articles in his spare time.

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