Things Often Overlooked By Recently Graduated Job Seekers

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  • When newly graduated people step out from commencement and into the workforce, they often focus on a limited number of job goals: high wages, interesting work, work/life balance, etc.

    These are fine goals, and no job seeker should forget them. But there are other, easy-to-miss things that often get ignored.

    Let’s take a look at some of the most common job aspects many graduates neglect to keep their eyes on the when sending out resumes.

    What are the Benefits Like?

    Work provides more than just wages. Employers, especially the employers who provide work to college graduates, give their workers benefits. Benefits can include many things, but usually they include health insurance, dental insurance, vacation time, and sick time.

    Job benefits vary a great deal from career to career. A generous health care plan can make up for a low salary. Speak with an accountant, a doctor, or other knowledgeable person to discuss the pros and cons of any health care proposals. Good plans will get you the care you need at low cost. Perks can include the option of using saved sick time to purchase gym memberships and other healthy lifestyle accessories.

    Does it Offer Longevity?

    Will this job keep you a long time? Too often, people see only what’s immediately in front of them and forget that they’ll end up working there for years or decades. Remember to ask potential employers about paths to leadership, variety of job tasks, and options for professional skills development.

    Will You Be Safe on the Job?

    You’d be surprised at how many jobs can land you in the hospital, physical therapy, or even the morgue. Work can hurt. Most high paying jobs for college graduates do not carry the same risks as blue collar positions like construction, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. It can take longer than you expect for that dream job to drop in your lap, which means you’ll likely to need to grab temporary work.

    Remember that many temporary jobs, including those that put you in traffic, like delivering food, put you in danger. Quick cash can lead to long-term injury or even death. Don’t take just any job in order kill time.

    Where is the Job Located?

    Location is everything. And it can mean so many things. The right city, the right district, the proximity to your home, and other locations can make or break a job. A dream job, but in a down-and-out town? A two-hour commute? A dangerous part of town? Might not be worth it. On the other hand, a hip city or the ability to walk to work could turn a snooze into a wonderland.

    Keep the Little Things in Mind

    Your career will include a million little things. Many of those things can seem insignificant and get ignored in your job hunt. Don’t forget them. There’s more to work than high wages, relevance to your educational background, and friendly coworkers. Don’t jump at the first good opportunity you get without keeping the whole picture in mind. The little things count. 

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