New Year, New Things to Learn! Dare Yourself!

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  • If you want to make the most of your college or university experience, the start of a new year is a the perfect opportunity to implement some changes that are sure to have big results.


    Post-secondary school is a whole other kettle of fish than high school, but the same skills that helped you to do well in secondary school will help you to do well in post-secondary school.

    While making changes will take some hard work, you’ll gain some personal satisfaction when you learn new things and dare yourself this year.

    Learn a New Language

    Yes, you no doubt already have plenty of things on your plate, but imagine how cool it would be if you were to commit to learning a new language this year. Various physiological studies have proven that bilingual people tend to have an edge, in some areas, over unilingual people. For instance, people who can speak more than one language have better cognitive skills, which means that they are better at problem solving. As well, bilingual people tend to have better memory, be more perceptive, and be better at multitasking than are unilingual people.

    Join a School Club

    You can bet that there’s a club or society on campus that reflects at least one of your interests. Why not join one or more of them this year? These groups tend to hold social events, which will give you the chance to make more friends, network with different people from different walks of life, and have simply have some fun during any downtime during the academic year.

    Become a Campus Tutor

    Find out where your university or college has its student tutoring center, and volunteer some of your time. If you’re good at writing essays or have a strong expertise in your courses, then you can help fellow students who could benefit from your assistance. The thing is, while you’re helping them, you’ll also be learning new things. Whether it involves learning how to convey ideas or how to work with people of different backgrounds, you’ll be both a teacher and a student.

    The Future is Coding

    Coding, otherwise known as programming, is a great skill to have. Don’t think that you only need this skill if you plan to go into software development. With coding skills under your belt, you’ll be able to build your own website and potentially even create specific programs for your own personal enjoyment. And, of course, you could always go onto pursue a job as a coder.

    Eat, Sleep & Exercise

    All of the planning in the world will be for naught if you fail to take care of yourself. So eat well-balanced meals, get enough sleep each day, and get enough exercise and physical activity. If you do all of these things regularly, you’ll be well in body, mind, and spirit, which will position you to accomplish all of your goals in the new year.

    The new year provides you with a great opportunity to make some positive changes in your life — changes that will help you in your personal life and afford you the sorts of hard and soft skills that employers covet. While there are countless things you can have on your bucket list of things to do, the five recommendations above will give you a good start. Best wishes!

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