Throwing a College Party? How to Make Sure Everyone Gets Home Safe

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  • Once you turn 21, you’re likely excited to host parties where you can serve alcohol.

    However, you should remember that plenty of drunk driving accidents happen every year, and a number of these accidents result in death.

    Due to these issues, make sure you help your friends to get home safely.

    Explain the Risks

    While it is unlikely that you can speak individually to each person at a major party, you can talk to your closest friends and ask them to pass the word around. Some college students are simply unaware of how risky it is operate a vehicle after they have been drinking. For example, you may want to tell your friends about the legal risks and how they could possibly end up putting their licenses at risk and needing the help of a lawyer, like those at the Law Offices of Schiro and Zarzynski. A reminder that driving drunk could lead them to a court case may be enough to stop them from making this mistake.

    Offer Sleeping Space

    In college, it is often common for party-goers to stay at the house where the event is held. However, if you don’t let guests know that they are welcome to do so, they may feel uncomfortable asking. When you have a guest room to spare, let your friends know about it. You can also tell them that they are welcome to bring sleeping bags to stay on the floor of your room or that they can crash on the couch for the night.

    Take Keys Away

    If you have everyone’s keys stored safely, then no one can drive the car. When guests begin to arrive, require everyone who drove to give you the car keys. You don’t have to let people in if they refuse to surrender their keys. Keeping the keys in a safe spot is imperative. You may want to invest in a breathalyzer so that you can truly tell if people are ready to have their keys back.

    Provide a List of Resources

    Even when you offer a spot to sleep for the night, some of your guests will just want to go home. When people come to the party, you can give them a business card for the number for local taxis. You can also offer to show guests how to use apps on their phones to call for a car service. Let individuals know before the party where they can leave their cars overnight. Put a list with all of the information on the fridge or in another spot where everyone can see it.

    Throwing a college party is fun, but you want to make sure that everyone gets home safely. Preventing drunk driving is an important way to accomplish that goal.

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