Paper Books vs E-Books – Ease of Reading

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  • Generally, most of us love to read books.

    Book reading is a good habit that is followed by a number of people around the world.

    Starting from a kid to an elderly person, everyone read different books in different stages of their life.

    A number of authors wrote a number of books on a number of topics. There are different topics books are available. In earlier days, people use paper printed books for their reading purpose. Nowadays, as the technology improves, there are e-books.

    Nowadays more numbers of readers use e-books than paper books. However, some people love the old method of reading and use the old paper books. This merely depends on the choice and interest of the reader. Some persons use books made from papers while some others use e-books. There are some people who use both forms of the book for reading.

    Paper books Vs e-books

    However, there is a strong debate on this concept that which forms of the book are better, paper books or e-books. Let us see the comparison of both forms of books

    Paper books

    These are the earlier form of books used by people. These books are printed in papers and then bundled in the form of a book. These are the books of the authors which are relevant to the marketing strategy of the author. The main reason for using paper books is people love to have personalized books. These books are maintained by readers who love to have a book library. Even though the e-books are famous most of the people even today use paper books for their reading books.

    People those who stick with the habit of reading want papers books rather than e-books. Paper books serve as a good companion for the readers. Papers books are easily available in the market. Even famous author’s books are available with the autograph of the author. These books are available in two binding forms namely soft cover binding and hard cover binding. Soft cover binding is suitable for persons who like to have light weight books. On the other hand, the hard cover binding books are suitable for persons who want their book last for a long time.


    These are the new revolutionary items in the reading industry. e-books are famous among the people today. The reason for the popularity of e-books is these books eliminate the need for papers, it saves the space a lot, easily available and convenient. E-books can be read on any kind of device that people use today like a smartphone, iPad, laptop, and computers. Also, the cost of the e-books is not expensive when comparing to the paper books. One can easily download these books from the internet and can read these books at anytime and anywhere they need.

    A lot of software and mobile applications are available for downloading and reading the e-books. Even a person can alter the fonts of the book according to their comfort. Unlike paper books, these books last for a longer time, easily portable and one can easily share with the others. Both forms of books are loved by different aspects of people.

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