5 Innovative Careers That Will See Rise in 2017

innovative careers

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  • Many parents are often traditional and consider that the best option for their children is to go for traditional careers; however there are many other innovative options.

    Thanks to the advancement of new technologies, there are many other careers that can be just as profitable and fun, interesting and at the forefront.

    Surprisingly, no careers from the travel sector this time around.

    Here are some of these innovative careers, many of which are still under development, but are no doubt projected as the new horizon for the labour market in the years to come:

    1. Software Engineering

    Do you love math and computers? You can reconcile both passions with this career. These are the people who program the web pages where we spend the day surfing when we enter the Internet. This career also has the advantage of giving you flexibility in schedules. Plus there is a lot of work and high salaries and with the opportunity to know all about legal matters regarding online computer use. No doubt a winning combination that will help you pay any educational debt you have incurred after graduation.

    2. Social Media Manager

    If you are fun, very active, creative and great to work with people, this can be your dream career. These professionals with managerial capacity are influencers that know how to handle the image of any company in the social networks. Writing, being organized, solving problems, and having technical and communication skills is essential. It is a good option to specialize if you already have a career. You can start exercising it right away and use that income to save and maybe start a business of your own.

    3. Audiovisual Colourist

    Also known as colour correctors, these professionals are the creators of a video or a movie that looks impressive. These are the people that make your favourite actors appear as if they’ve had the perfect nutrition and preparation for the movie. With technological advancement and digital imaging this career (where formerly they were painting pictures by hand) today is focused on the handling of certain software, but requires great skills both technical and artistic. If you love the film industry, photography and colour, this can be your dream career. Not only will you have time and space, you will have great growth opportunity and an excellent salary.

    4. Videogame designer

    Imagine being able to create new worlds and characters.. fascinating! It is already possible if you choose to study this career. Learning concept art, programming and testing, virtual reality, motion capture and animation will be part of your training. It is a demanding career at the aesthetic, functional and narrative level, but without doubt it is worth it.

    5. Engineer in sustainable development

    If philanthropy is one of your virtues and you dream of making a change in the world, this can be your ideal career. This could be involved in recycling or even in the organic food industry, such as helping with developing better organic wine production tools. Super current and respectful, it is a branch that is developing and in which there are huge professional opportunities. You will learn the sustainable use of resources, use of waste, efficient use of energy and general care of natural resources. Plan financially so you can access this career.

    If you’re wondering how you can achieve your dream of studying these careers, the answer is simple: get organized and manage properly with your finances. Select the career that you want to dedicate yourself to and the best university where they teach it. Even if it’s far from where you live. Traveling alone there might be an educational experience in itself.

    Create a savings plan for educational purposes and consider, for example, attending a community college the first two years; or if you choose a private university you can also take classes at a state university during the summer. Little by little you can achieve your goal and position yourself in the area that you are really passionate about.

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