Tips for Returning To Campus After Winter Break

tips for returning to campus after winter break

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  • Winter break is a time meant for relaxation after a taxing first semester.

    Many students are now itching to get back on campus after a long month away from friends and their college lifestyle.

    While returning to school is exciting, it’s easy to fall into bad habits that can make your upcoming semester difficult. Check out these tips for returning to campus after winter break for a smooth transition.

    Rethink Your Baggage

    Packing for a month-long break is a hassle and after the Christmas season, you likely have even more clothes and gadgets you want to bring back to campus with you. Closely consider the items you brought home and the new items you got over the break and decide what absolutely must come back to school. Bringing it all could result in an overcrowded dorm room.

    Go Back Early

    If you’re bringing your car to campus, don’t plan to arrive the night before classes start. Use the freedom of having your own car to go back to campus a few days early.

    Heading to campus with a couple of days between your arrival and classes starting will give you plenty of time to unpack, unwind, and adjust before the transition into academics.

    Set Goals

    Each semester brings new challenges, but it should also bring new goals. Set your semester goals early on so you aren’t scrambling to get your grades up in the last month of the semester.

    Create a Routine

    From the moment you step foot onto campus again, it’s best to create a routine. Routines will help you stay on track while managing school, part-time jobs, clubs, and a social life.

    Sticking to a schedule will also aid in prioritizing important tasks and making sure you don’t forget to do your assignments because you were out with friends.

    Find Your Classes

    Before the new semester starts, take a stroll through campus to find the classrooms your next classes will be in. The first day of the semester can cause a lot of confusion.

    From freshman searching for unfamiliar building names to upperclassmen starting their major curriculums, there’s likely to be a curveball or two in your schedule. By walking your route ahead of time, you won’t have to stress on the first day.

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    Wait To Buy Your Books

    Your college may stress the importance of buying your books early, but waiting to buy your textbooks after the first day of classes is a smart choice. While the university may require certain textbooks for your courses, your professors may have a few loopholes.

    Professors understand how expensive books are, which is why many provide PDF versions or simply don’t use the textbook at all. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on new books, wait to see what your professor recommends.

    Readjusting to college life after a long break at home is challenging. Follow this guide of tips for returning to campus after winter break to better prepare.

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