Tips for the College Sports Recruitment Process

college sports recruitment

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  • There are many academic benefits to playing sports in high school, but there is also the opportunity to play college sports via a scholarship.

    There are plenty of other benefits that you can reap from college sports, such as it is looking good on a resume and the overall experience.

    Nonetheless, playing in collegeĀ  all starts with recruitment from the schools themselves. If you are trying to play at the next level, here are some helpful tips for the college sports recruitment process.

    Play on a Travel Team

    While there are some sports, such as football, where you don’t need to play outside of your high school team, most athletes will need to play for a travel team if they want to get noticed.

    Playing on a travel team during your high school team’s off-season opens up opportunities by playing in tournaments across the country in front of college recruiters.

    An additional way to get noticed is to attend a sports camp. You will generate more interest the earlier you play for a travel team and visit sports camps.

    Create a Highlight Video

    After competing in tournaments and seasons for your high school, the next step is to create a highlight video. There are several resources you can use, such as Captain U, that can help you assemble your video. The main reason why you want to create a highlight video is so you have something to show college coaches when you start to contact them.

    While you may hear from college coaches by having a Captain U account, you still want to be proactive with schools. A highlight video gives college coaches a chance to see why they should consider you for their team in the first place.

    Visit Many Schools

    When you start to contact college coaches, or if you are generating interest, they will typically invite you for a college visit. To truly find the right school for you, visit as many as possible. On a college visit, you will get a tour of the school, meet with academic advisors, and meets players on the team.

    You may also stay overnight at the school, which is one of the best ways to visualize yourself going to a school. In some cases, you might also be able to watch a team practice and get an even better idea about the school. If you are given these opportunities, take them as often as you can to ensure that you make the right decision.

    other valuable tips:

    Keep Academics in Mind

    Choosing the right school goes beyond sports and the college culture. A major factor that needs to be considered as you continue your search are the majors offered. Even if you are a top star recruit who has a chance to play professionally, you still need to excel in school and have a back-up plan. Make sure they have a major available with a subsequent career path that you can be invested in.

    Expand Your Search

    An essential tip for the college sports recruitment process is to expand your search. Don’t just consider Division I, local schools, or even the ones that have an interest in you. Look at Division II and III schools, too. Consider going to a community college for two years. There are thousands of colleges in the United States, so don’t limit yourself.

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