Top 4 Things To Remember When Looking For A Student Apartment

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  • While looking for a student apartment outside of campus can certainly be a stressful process, it’s also a process that can be made much easier so long as you get your priorities straight and know exactly what you need to look for.

    In this article, we will cover the top four things you need to remember when on the hunt for a new student apartment:

    1. The Price

    The price of the apartment is probably what’s weighing on your mind the most, and with good reason. As a college student, you likely have multiple other expenses to worry about, and housing is easily going to be the biggest expense out of all of them.

    A major appeal of moving into an apartment outside of campus is that you get your own place without roommates and therefore increased privacy, but the cost of this is that you’ll have to pay more in monthly rent. To mitigate how much you have to pay each month, carefully research the cost of other apartments in the area and see if you can bring your potential landlord down in price if they’re asking for more than the average.

    2. The Location

    The next factor to strongly consider is the location of the apartment. It would be wise, for hopefully obvious reasons, for your apartment to be as close to the campus as possible. At the very least, it needs to be within reasonable walking or bus driving distance.

    But the distance from your college campus is not the only factor to take into consideration for your apartment’s location. You also need to make sure you like the neighborhood and the scenery, and there should be restaurants and convenience or grocery stores within your general vicinity as well.

    3. The Neighbors

    It’s no secret that your neighbors can make or break how you enjoy your stay at any apartment or home. The last thing you want is neighbors who are loud and noisy and hinder your ability to sleep or study.

    When touring your apartment, take note of the other people walking around the complex and any loud noises (such as a stereo system) going on in the rooms adjacent to yours.

    4. The Landlord

    Finally, conduct careful research on the reputation of your potential landlord. While it’s fine for your landlord to set firm rules and guidelines, you also want one who is fair, understanding, and is legitimately concerned about your well being throughout your stay in the apartment.

    The easiest way to research landlords, and the staff as a whole, will be online from past reviews of the apartment(s) you are considering moving into. If the apartment is getting numerous bad reviews, you would be wise to avoid it.

    Finding Your Student Apartment

    By following these tips, the process of searching for a new apartment won’t be as overwhelming for you as it otherwise would have been, and you’ll be able to find the perfect student apartment for your needs.

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