Top Jobs That You Can Look Forward To If You Have Majored In Journalism

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  • If you thought that majors in Journalism can leave you with only two possible options, that is, either being a newspaper reporter or a journalist on TV or radio, you need to mull over that all over again. With the pace at which the competition is rising, the job opportunities in journalism have increased tenfold and have become quite popular among the people today.

    Just like how job wrapping is fast gaining popularity, there is a plethora of job opportunities for Journalism majors that you did not even know existed. With the immense possibilities that have risen today, you are likely to be spoilt for choice and the fact that Journalism is in fact an extremely lucrative career option makes it all the more appealing. Given below are the top career options that you can consider if you have recently majored in Journalism or are currently majoring in the stream.

    Content writers

    It goes without saying that a journalist ought to be excellent in spinning words into attractive sentences. In the earlier days, this career option was almost redundant. However, with the mammoth attention that internet garners today, this career option has sprung up and is fast gaining momentum. You need to realize the fact that there is a plethora of websites that enjoy their own little space on the internet and every website out there wants to be in the spotlight. This gives content writers an upper hand and you can definitely capitalize on this by working as a content producer and creating unique and alluring content for various websites.

    Editing books

    As a student majoring in journalism, you are likely to have a deep inclination towards reading various kinds of books. Therefore, this will enable you to transform your love for book reading into editing the various books before they enter the publishing phase. It is a known fact that the number of books that go into publishing is humongous and therefore, this can be an extremely lucrative career option for you. As a book editor, your job revolves around reading the manuscripts to ensure the quality of the book and pick out errors and also looking into the technical aspect of publications. You also have an important say in terms of the designing of the book.


    Although this job is chiefly designed for advertising professionals, it does not limit it to strictly those majoring in advertising. Being journalism major makes you excellent with your words and if you naturally possess the ability to write creative content for advertisements, you should opt for this career choice without giving it a second thought.

    Ideally, copywriting involves you to write scripts and advertisements for television, radio and even print and other mediums. However, since all these mediums provide limited time to convey your message to your potential customers, you must possess the ability to convey the most important message in as limited time as possible.

    Public Relations Specialist

    It goes without saying that journalism involves the functioning of the media. It is in journalism that you understand the basic to the advanced levels of how the media operates in a given environment. This gives you an upper hand as a public relations specialist as it enables you to make meaningful conversations with other journalists. Job wrapping can help you get insightful details on this career option. In this way, you can easily bridge the communication gap between two organisations and let them know clearly what the goals of your organisation are.

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    Timothy Ray is a journalist working as a copywriter with a well known advertising company. He uses job wrapping on a large scale. He is also a blogger and has recently released his very first E-Book and is currently working on his second project.

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