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TVs 5 Greatest Medical Shows and Why They Matter

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  • Over the past 30 years, there has been an impressive selection of medical shows.

    Whether they’re sitcoms or dramas, medical shows manage to capture all of life within their sterilized walls.


    We see births and death and how the doctors, nurses, patients, and family members cope along the way. They grant the viewer a look into humanity, more so than many other shows, but that’s not why they’re really important. Read my list of the 5 greatest and then I’ll explain why I feel they are so important to our modern day world.


    Starting with one of the best sitcoms that has ever graced our TV screens. This odd, screwball comedy manages to combine outrageous belly-laughs with deep emotional drama. Scrubs will have you on the verge of peeing your pants one moment and then sobbing like a grieving widow the next. It’s one of the only near perfect shows I can think of.


    Quite possibly the most famous medical show on TV and one that will go down in history as making George Clooney a household name. ER managed to secure its self an incredible (and yet to be beaten) 124 Emmy nominations, which is just mind bending-ly massive. Fun fact: Tarantino directed an episode.

    Grey’s Anatomy

    Yes, the show has overstayed its welcome and has been going on for what seems like forever at this point, but its initial few series were incredible. It’s a romantic drama that never shies away from the gore and guts of hospital life. One of the most forward-thinking aspects of the show is that it’s the women who are the strong-career driven individuals, which is refreshing in modern television.


    Featuring the English Hugh Laurie (a fact most of us never realized because his accent is spot on). Famed for his quirky British sketch shows with English national treasure Stephen Fry, and of course Blackadder, House gave us a completely different look at this English gentleman as a American, curmudgeonly medical genius who didn’t take any rubbish from anyone.


    The oldest series on our list, MASH was based off of a movie of the same name, back when that was still a fresh and innovative idea (although I really like Screamat the moment). The show featured doctors and medical staff during the Korean War (the film was Vietnam) and although quirky and hilarious, had, at its heart, a thinly veiled anti-war message, that led the show to work as a drama masquerading as a comedy.

    The sitcoms like Scrubs inspire young people to become doctors and that’s never a bad thing. There has been a rise in Masters of Public Health degrees being taken online and I think a lot of that comes from the passion that these shows stirred up in people when they were first shown.

    The main point, I want to make about why these shows are important is that they make the viewing public thankful for our healthcare, yes it’s overpriced and can seem cold at times, but it’s something we can’t live without. Finally it also shows developing countries what they are entitled to and makes people fight for their basic human rights.

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