Leveraging Technology to Upgrade Contemporary Education

upgrade contemporary education

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  • To begin with an informative matter of fact, it is to be stated that the entire e-learning industry in 2015 was worth $165 billion approximately, which gradually went up to somewhat around $182 billion last year.

    In addition, it is expected to reach $243 billion till the year 2023.

    Anthony Salcito, the vice-president of worldwide education at Microsoft also thinks that schools must keep pace and change with time and technology. Government and schooling institutions must take initiatives to come up with alternative teaching methodologies with regards to technological advancements.

    Although there’s no compulsion that technology and education are meant to go in hand in hand, technology is certainly a phenomenon which is always better if roped in rather than ignoring its contribution.

    With each passing day, from blackboards to projectors, notebooks to digital notepads, private tutors to online tutorial and essay help services; changes in the sector of education came as a new wave bringing in advancements and modernization from all aspects.

    But, what we need to understand here is that there are numerous academic institutions that are still devoid of technological advancements and digitalization. And this is how one can leverage the full potential of technology to make education smarter and digitally enriched for students across the globe.

    #1. Encourage online learning methodologies

    There’s no denying that the traditional learning methodologies are by far one of the best adapted by educators over the years. But isn’t it better to make things bit smarter and more convenient for the students?

    How about encouraging online learning methodologies alongside the traditional ones? There are online tutors available these days to help students receive virtual assistance. In addition to it, educational blogs and journals available online can also be explored for further assistance outside the classroom.

    #2. Introducing the concept of flipped classrooms

    The concept of the flipped classroom is rather an interesting one, where students are asked to watch online videos and use online resources in order to gain knowledge of certain subjects and consult experts in case if any question.

    Once the students are done with the procedure, they are expected to work collaboratively with their classmates and come up with the required explanation highlighting their understanding of the subject matter.

    While the traditional method was mostly based on paperwork, technologically upgraded concepts like flipped classroom can successfully bring in an embracing change which can prove to be more interactive and interesting for the learners.

    #3. Educators can keep themselves available via video chats

    If as an educator, you want to take education out of the classroom and carry on with seamless interactions and assist students when in trouble, then interacting with students via live video calls can be an excellent option.

    Many times, students tend to look for further assistance and academic guidance from teachers post class. Thus, educators can take this initiative by keeping themselves available via video conferences over a stipulated period of time.

    #4. Academic institutions can facilitate electronic libraries for students

    E-Libraries are available on the internet for students which can be accessed anywhere and anytime. The educational institutions can always think of taking a step ahead by facilitating this technology for their campus students by providing all essential data online.

    Students, at times, may find things difficult when it comes to arranging, rearranging and documenting all notes that are crucial to count for exams. In addition to it, they also feel the need for seeking annual assignment help and guidance due to unclear ideas, lack of references and drafts.

    However, having a cloud based technology or an e-library to be precise can fix this dilemma, as students can access the archive from anywhere, without suffering the anxiety of lost notes and similar confusions.

    #5. Generalization of online examinations for students worldwide

    Although it would take some more time or at least another decade for us to accept this technological change in full swing; if it happens then the entire process of sitting for an examination, reaching the venue on time, and other factors might just get simpler and hassle-free for the candidates.

    There’s no denying that the concept of online examination has already penetrated and people are accepting it too, but a generalization of this phenomenon is something we all should look for.

    Not only mock tests and specified examinations, if the entire concept of paperwork involved in exams could be replaced with a single screen and a keyboard, then not only a developed scenario could be ensured, the environment could also be saved to some significant expense by reducing paper use.

    Thus, to end with a note of concern, it is to be stated that education shall always be the most powerful tool behind mankind’s prosperity. Even if technology enters the realm and things get better with times, we should act responsibly and use it in a way that doesn’t affect sustainability in the long run.

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    Jedda Cain, an essay writer, is working with EssayAssignmentHelp.com.au since three years as a senior academic counselor. She also writes for MyAssignmentHelp, TopHomeworkHelper and AllEssayWriter. She has developed excellent research and writing skills in these years and become capable of writing top-quality essays on any complex topic within the given time. Many students in Australia prefer her to be their academic advisor. Apart from that, she is passionate about penning blogs that help students master the different techniques of smart studying.

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