Waiting for College: Smart Ways High Schoolers Can Use the Summer After Graduation

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  • Summertime is a great vacation period for many kids.

    School is finally finished and they get to look forward to spending their days doing things they enjoy with friends and family.

    But summertime can also be a good time to start preparing for university, especially if you want to get into a good school or earn scholarships.

    Although students may not want to hear it, taking a little time over the summer to get ready for university can make a lot of difference in their future performance and with ways of finding money to help pay for tuition. Here are a few things that parents can encourage their kids to do during the summer so when it comes to applying to universities, they will be better prepared.

    Try Summer School

    Sure, a lot of kids are going to balk at the idea of school over the summer, but there really are a lot of benefits to continue education through the summer months.

    Retention rates for all subjects are higher when there isn’t a three-month lapse in learning. Just for this reason alone, students who attend summer school will be ahead of their classmates when school starts again in the autumn. But the best part is, students who attend programs like the Cambridge summer school get to experience what university life will be like and meet new people.

    If a student is particularly interested in a subject, then they can take classes that will give them a head start once they attend university. This can make all of the difference in the world and give them greater opportunities in the future.

    Find a Scholarship

    Paying for university can be tough, especially if your family isn’t wealthy, so taking some time to apply for scholarships can help lower the total debt once a student graduates.

    The process doesn’t even take long. You can find numerous scholarships that you can qualify for with just a basic internet search. Once you find scholarships you like, you’ll just need to fill out the application and perhaps write a short personal essay. Even just an hour or two a week over the summer pursuing scholarships can help any student out tremendously with the cost of books, room and board and all of the other costs of university.

    Take a Summer Job

    If you really want to take time off from schooling over the summer, finding a temporary job that you enjoy can also help prepare you for university.

    You can save up money to help pay for tuition or other expenses. If you find a job in a career you would like to eventually pursue full time, you will gain priceless knowledge and experience that will help later in life. A summer job will also help you network and meet new people who may help your job pursuits in the future.

    Instead of lounging all summer, why not try one of these ideas to prepare for your future?

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