5 Ways Authoritative Parental Style affects Students’ Academics

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  • Parenting styles define the personality of children. It has strong influence on child’s overall development.

    Authoritative parenting style is considered as the worst parenting style. It negatively affects child’s personality.

    In this article, we will discuss some of the ways authoritative parenting style affects student’s academics.

    Fear of Failure

    This is the worst impact of authoritative parenting style. It fosters fear in child. He/she is always fearful that all his/her actions will welcome parental wrath and he/she would be left alone. Fear doesn’t allow child to progress in academics, as education requires relaxed mind, which is ready to understand and perform. A fearful mind is preoccupied with worry and tension. The constant fear of beating and scolding will affect child’s attention in academics and this will lead to failure or low grades in exams. Fear hinders proactive attributes of children.

    Aloofness; no parental support from parents in Academics

    Authoritative parents don’t give space to their child. Child is always frustrated and he/she is unable to share his problems with his/her parents. If the child is facing any difficulty in academics, he/she won’t share it with his/her parents due to fear of scolding. As a result, the child will feel loneliness and he/she prefers to stay alone. This also affects his academics because of no support/help from parents.

    Emotional disturbance leads to poor performance

    Authoritative parenting style hampers the emotional growth of their children. Children need their parents’ emotional support when they are in growing phase. Emotionally disturbed children are unable to pay attention to studies. These children have emotional demands, which their parents are unable to meet. The left out children will have no emotional bonding, he/she doesn’t take interest in studies and as a result he/she fails in academics.

    Unrealistic demands leads to failure

    Authoritative parents always demand perfection in everything from their children. Unrealistic expectations overburden the child and he/she performs even poor in academics. As a result, child is discouraged by parents and because he/she is unable to meet the unrealistic demands of authoritative parents.

    Under confidence leads to poor performance

    Authoritative parents always taunt their children. This coldness results in low self-esteem and low self-confidence. Parents must bear in mind that scolding, sarcasm and cutting remarks degrade their children and he/she won’t be able to feel confident in his/her life. Authoritative parents try to exert control on children but they are not ready to take this imposed control and hence they don’t feel self-worth.  Child doesn’t trust his/her capabilities and as a result, the performance on academics falls down day by day.

    Lack of Interest in Studies leads to low grades/failures

    Children need affection and parental warmth. Authoritative parents have set a distance between them and their children. When child is ignored by parents, he/she wouldn’t be able to develop interest in studies. Constant demoralization leads to lack of interest in studies. Eventually child doesn’t care about academics and fails in examination.

    These were some of the negative consequences of authoritative parenting styles. Parents should guide their children. But, it doesn’t mean they should set unrealistic standards and demands before their children. Children are always given confidence to boost up their confidence level. Discouragement and fear leads to feeling of worthlessness and it damages children psychologically as well as academically. It is the duty of parents to carefully deal their kids without hampering their psychological growth. Parents should be friendly with their kids and try to resolve issues in a friendly way which will also develop trust and respect for parents.

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