4 Ways a Military Career Can Reduce Your College Costs

military career

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  • Careers in the military offer a unique opportunity for advancing academically.

    Military members are able to take advantage of tuition assistance and similar to alleviate the financial burden of getting an education.

    Read on to learn four important ways starting a military career can reduce college costs.

    The Military Provides Tuition Assistance

    Members of the military can cut down on college costs by taking advantage of tuition assistance, students are able to enroll at accredited colleges, vocational or technical schools, junior colleges, and universities. While each military branch will have its own programs for tuition assistance, most soldiers will find they are able to earn anything from a professional certificate to graduate degrees relatively inexpensively.

    Military Branches Offer Online Enrollment

    While serving for a military branch, many individuals can enroll in an online university for military to take advantage of tuition assistance. These military-affiliated students are able to study in the online colleges. These online colleges are particularly affordable with tuition typically under $16,000.

    These online colleges make it easier for military-affiliated students to take classes from anywhere in the world, making it ideal for students that are active military. Many of these courses allow students to conveniently earn their degree online without ever having to physically go to a classroom.

    The Military Encourages Accelerated Programs

    Universities that offer accelerated degree programs allow students to take shorter online classes as a way to earn their degree faster. These courses allow all students to study at a faster pace, thereby earning their degree sooner. Many military-affiliated students take these accelerated programs and are able to study for their masters as they earn their bachelor’s degree.

    For many military-affiliated students, these accelerated programs are more attractive than traditional classes. These classes allow them to save time while cutting costs as well. Instead of paying for six years of schooling for a standard master’s degree, students can complete both degrees in four years or less.

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    The Army Guarantees Employment

    Enlisted jobs in this military are known as military occupational specialty or MOS. With the army, MOS is guaranteed to everyone. However, the job that one receives is based on an individual’s qualifications and the positions that are available. Active military members are guaranteed employment in their enlistment contract. Many military members will find that they will be paid more or can climb the ranks faster after getting a degree.

    Members of the military have a variety of opportunities to reduce their college costs. If you’re in the military or considering joining a military branch, be sure to keep these benefits in mind.

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