Ways Your Kids Can Stand Out on College Applications

stand out on college applications

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  • With the arrival of fall comes the anxious college application season.

    Seniors in high school are busy getting in those college applications to meet each school’s deadline.

    This stress can be overwhelming for students looking to get into their top-choice schools. Here are five ways that your kids can stand out on their college applications.

    Invest in Test Prep

    Along with your GPA, most schools put a high emphasis on your SAT and ACT standardized testing scores. While many schools are not accepting test scores because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic making it difficult for students to test, the scores may still be used for scholarship purposes.

    To make the most out of your testing experience, it is a good idea to sign up for a test prep course. A dedicated test prep course will provide simulations so that your student has plenty of practice heading into test day.

    In addition to providing them with more practice, it also gives them confidence as they sit for the test. This confidence and experience will undoubtedly lead to higher test scores.

    Emphasize Your Special Interests

    One of the best ways to ensure that your college application stands out is to emphasize what makes you different from the rest of the pool of applicants.

    Finding a passion and skill that translates well onto a college application is a sure-fire way to make your resume shine.

    There are several ways that you can cultivate an interest or extracurricular activity that will make your application stand out. Some students choose to focus on athletics while others lean toward the arts as an avenue of special interest.

    Enrolling in a Broadway school is a great way to improve your skills and show that you have what it takes to be successful at the college level.

    Find Your Best Fit Schools

    You will automatically increase your chances of admission if you apply at schools that are the best fit for your skills and qualifications. There is an abundance of resources that will help you to understand what schools are the best fit for academic skillsets.

    After you have narrowed down the best academic fits, you can then move to the intangible elements of a campus. Things to consider include the extra-curricular activities offered, campus life and environment for students, location, costs of attendance, and more.

    Be sure that your student spends time on campus before committing to a school. Finding the best matches for your child will boost the chances that they are accepted into their favored schools.

    Do Not Neglect the Essay Portion

    In today’s competitive college admissions world, it may be the essay portion that puts your application over the top. This makes it imperative that you do not brush off this section of the application. What you say about yourself is often the delineating factor in your overall student profile.

    The goal of the college essay is to turn yourself into a real human being. Admissions officers want to know your story. Be sure that your teenager digs deep and reveals the qualities that are not apparent on the application. Above all, the essay should demonstrate that your student is ready for the next challenge in their academic career.

    other valuable tips:

    Apply Early While Casting a Wide Net

    Many schools now offer early admission deadlines in addition to the regular period. This means that your student will receive a decision earlier in the process if they apply during the first admissions period. As a bonus, most schools offer admission to a higher percentage of students during the early admissions period than they do during regular admission.

    It is also recommended to cast a wide net when deciding where to apply. In addition to a few safety schools, you need to aim high by applying to select reach schools. Extending your reach will ensure that your student puts themself in the position to have options when it comes time to selecting a school.

    While this process is never easy, it does not have to be filled with anxiety and dread. Knowing how you can submit the best application will give your student confidence heading into this exciting season in life.

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