What Students Can Suggest to The University for Better Education

what students can suggest for better education

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  • Instead of facts and raw data, wouldn’t it be better to ask students and hear their side of the story?

    After all, they are the reason why universities exist in the first place.

    Only by hearing what students have to say can universities improve and advance education.

    If students want to fight for better education, here is what they can suggest to the university.


    What most students across the globe were concerned about during the COVID-19 pandemic was the tuition. Most US universities have expensive tuition fees which are why the majority of high school graduates hesitate when it comes to continuing their education and pursuing a specific degree.

    Because of high fees, they are forced to apply for student loans and pay them off once they get a job. In other words, students are burdened with debt even before they start their professional life.

    Moreover, due to the pandemic, there are fewer job opportunities in the labor market. This means the students are struggling to find part-time or summer jobs to help them with financial support and funding.

    To help students, especially now, universities can lower their tuition fees, improve the existing educational model, and ask for additional funding from the governments.

    Communication Between Staff and Students

    Every university should have active means of communication and information flow. The selected means connects university staff and students and allows them to communicate and share relevant information.

    Now more than ever before, sharing information and updates across all university departments and their students are crucial. Before COVID-19, getting in touch with the dean, head of the department, staff from the student affairs office, or professors was rather difficult. You’d send them an email and wait hours or days to get a reply.

    If the university staff was to use an efficient communicative tool, for example, an intranet, then communication between them and students would be more efficient. The staff can keep students posted on the latest safety measures and policies and notify them if and when classes go online again.

    Additionally, there can be various separate channels for particular courses, faculties, departments, or general questions so students can get quick answers to their questions.

    Campus Improvements

    While improving internal matters, such as courses, degrees, educational models, universities shouldn’t forget to improve their campuses. The University campus is the first thing potential students see when they come to visit for the Open Day.

    Similarly, it’s the place where existing students spend most of the time during their studies. For this reason, students should suggest creating an innovative, attractive, and functional campus for the university.

    Campuses should also be practical and support collaboration and socialization among students. Additionally, they should contain comfortable furniture, top-notch technology, Internet access, coffee shops, canteens, parking spaces, and plants, and trees.

    Some campuses around Europe have taken campus improvements and environmental protection seriously, so they placed solar charging stations, recycling bins, bike-sharing systems for students and visitors to use.

    Engagement Opportunities

    Studying and getting a degree isn’t what university and student experience are all about. Throughout their student days, students like to try out different things, such as activities or skills.

    Many students would like to pursue their hobbies, such as sports or rhetoric, while they’re studying. To indulge their needs, universities should provide the necessary means.

    In particular, courts, labs, libraries, extracurricular activities. Opportunities for engagement will give students of various backgrounds and academic interests a sense of belonging and purpose.

    Besides, being able to take up and enjoy a new hobby allows students to balance their studies and academic achievement, and private lives. Therefore, they can make the most out of their student experience.

    Student Voice

    While some universities have accepted a feedback culture, others haven’t. Because of their attitude, students can’t express their ideas or suggestions and improve conditions or the environment in which they study.

    University staff has to ask students about their student experience and campus and dormitory conditions. Moreover, they have to consult with students’ unions whenever they want to make a change that will affect their academic interests.

    other valuable tips:

    Furthermore, universities and student representation should work together and create more volunteering or internship opportunities. The easiest way to determine to which extent students are satisfied with their studies is through surveys and questionnaires.

    The results can also show whether or not universities should replace their courses with new ones or adapt them to accommodate changes in the labor market. This way, students get to tailor their studies and overall experience to their needs, and universities become more attractive places for studying.

    All in all, education has been sparking interest for years now. There’s been so much research done in the field. Still, it’s always better to directly ask students what should change and improve, so they have high-quality education across all universities.

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