What are the Effects of Plagiarism on Education?

effects of plagiarism

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  • Plagiarism is one of the most unethical practices in education and it can create some serious consequences not only for the students but also for the teachers.

    The biggest significance plagiarism can cause, is making failure in the classes or it may cause the student to get expelled from the school.

    Plagiarism can raise a question on the reputation of a student’s career as well as on the image of the institute. This is the reason why most universities are strict about this unethical act.

    Talking about the effects of plagiarism can stop the student from doing such activities because once they know the significances, they would avoid copying other’s writing.

    In this article, we will discuss the effects of Plagiarism on education and its consequences.

    Types of Plagiarism in education

    Some of the common types of plagiarism are discussed below:

    • Complete/ Direct Plagiarism

      One of the worst types of plagiarism in all professions is complete plagiarism and, in this type, the writer reads and copies the whole context word by word.

      Not only this, the researcher or the writers usually use his or her name for the content and doesn’t cite the source.

    • Self-Plagiarism

      Self-plagiarism is common in academics because the student is addicted to it. This type of plagiarism happens when a student submits an assignment that includes his or her previous work.

      For example, if you include some section of your previous assignment in your next assignment or presentation then you are doing the self-plagiarism.

      Self-Plagiarism is not allowed because it stops the creativity of making new assignments and students usually spend less time on research instead, they get material from their assignment.

    • Paraphrasing/Spun plagiarism

      Another plagiarism type is paraphrasing plagiarism which is also known as spun plagiarism. This plagiarism involves the use of someone else’s work but with some minor changes.

      This might happens using a paraphrasing tool or an article spinner. Being a student, if you copy the research content from the internet and use an online tool to change some of the words then this is also considered plagiarism.

      Most of the students think that paraphrasing is quitting plagiarism and they can utilize the paraphrased content in their assignment but in actuality, this is not a fact.

    • Accidental Plagiarism

      Whether you know or don’t know about doing plagiarism, the consequences are often the same and, in this regard, no type of plagiarism is allowed in education.

      However, accidental plagiarism is caused when the plagiarism happens unintentionally or by mistake.

      Accidental plagiarism is common and happens because students don’t check the plagiarism before submitting their assignment.

      There are different plagiarism checker for full document that can help the students to verify the originality in their content. To avoid plagiarism, a student must scan his/her content through a plagiarism checker.  

      Whether intentional or unintentional, plagiarism is not allowed in any of the cases until you cite the source correctly, and to check the citation, a plagiarism checker can be helpful.

    • Poor Citation

      In education, assignment having examples and references are common and helpful. In this regard, the citation to the source is very important and without it, your assignment might not be accepted.

      However, if an attempt to a successful citation is not successful then your content would be plagiarized. For making sure you are having a fine citation, you should utilize the plagiarism checker or a citation machine that is available online.

    Effects of Plagiarism

    • Plagiarism stops learning of a student

      The submission of someone else’s work is very easy to complete an assignment but it wouldn’t allow the student to learn the important facts and concepts.

      The outcomes of this are quite dangerous as the students don’t get the skills of researching, citation, as well as the efforts of making an assignment.

      On the spot, their assignment may get accepted but, in the future, their career may have problems. They may use the paraphrasing tool to avoid plagiarism in the situation but in the future, this would cost them as they would be having a lack of communication skills, research, and other skills.

      Depending on the research of someone else also lacks the opportunities for students of speaking their own words and showing the writing skills.   

    • Copyrights infringement damage the image of a University

      The duplicate content is not only bad for the image of the student’s future but also the University. For example, it can devalue the degree of a university.

      For instance, we can see the example of how plagiarism can disvalue a university.

      In the late 1980s, after the death of Martin Luther King Jr., his wife submitted the papers of the doctoral assertion. The Paper which was titled “A Comparison of the Conception of God in the Thinking, was later recognized with plagiarism. (Ref: Wikipedia)

      The Boston University, which issues the degree of Martin Luther King was devalued because this paper was plagiarized as it involves the content of another student.

      The university was undervalued because the investigation was taken later after the request of a professor at Stanford University. The investigation found the paper with content from multiple authors.  

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    • It decreases the reliability of research

      In education, the institute works more on making the research skills into a student but plagiarism opposes this skill.

      The Failure in the accuracy of the citation can create some serious consequences for the student as it ruins the credibility of the research.

      It leads the unauthentic research and causes inaccuracy in the conclusion of the research work. As the student hasn’t researched for their topic, they might not have a grip on the topic and this can create a lack of knowledge for examination and professional field.

    • It can affect the educator’s trust

      If your content is caught with plagiarism then it might lead untrust environment from the teachers as well as from the management of the institute.

      The plagiarism in the assignment will increase the chance of rejection and on the other side, it will cause negativity in the educator’s view of a student.

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