What College Commuters Should Know about Travel

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  • One of the first decisions you will have to make after joining college is whether you will commute or live on-campus.

    Regardless of the choice to which you are inclined, it is important you make an informed decision.

    If you choose to be a commuter, familiarize yourself with the experience. You can also find ways to make your commuting experience more rewarding.

    It is important to know the following about travel and staying safe on the commute to school.

    Commuting Can Save You Money

    When compared to living on-campus, commuting will save you a significant amount of money that would have otherwise been spent on room and board. This means you will have some extra cash that goes straight in your pocket if you choose to work. You will also have less debt by the time you are through with college.

    Travel Can Have Challenges

    As a college commuter, you should be prepared to face unique challenges that students who live on-campus will not experience. Physical travel presents the possibility of your car breaking down on your way to school. A car accident attorney says you should keep your insurance card on hand in case you are pulled over or involved in an accident.

    Your bus could be late, or you might not make the first train out. This can potentially turn a good day into a stressful one. In the event that you fall sick or miss a day, you will have the option of either driving to school in your condition or taking a day off. The danger is, you may end up having feelings of isolation and lack of the necessary support many on-campus students have when they miss class.

    How to Ensure Commuter Success

    Despite the challenges travel presents, you should ensure they do not have a negative impact on your academic success. This will involve coming up with strategies to make sure your attendance is not affected. You may want to explain to your professor that you are a commuter, just in case traffic jam interferes with your punctuality or attendance.

    You should also strive to engage in a variety of activities on campus. This includes organization meetings and lectures by guest speakers.

    Make Your Commute Time Count

    While you may want to go through your coursework during your commute time, this may not always be possible. One of the ways to make this time count is by catching a nap. This will ensure you are energized and relaxed enough by the time you get to school for the long lectures.

    Although commuting can be challenging, it may also prove to be a smart move. The opportunity to focus more on school work and save money may be worthwhile in the long run.

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