Want to Be a Life Coach? 5 Success Secrets From Professional Life Coaches

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  • Do you have your life under enough control to help other people with theirs?

    Everyone needs a little direction once in a while. Life coaches are individuals who have turned that need into a profession. They study life as a subject and use what they learn to help others find their direction.

    Life coaching is harder than it sounds. Here are five success secrets you’ll hear from professional life coaches.

    1. Word of Mouth is Everything

    A life coach with a negative rep? Forget it! A life coach with bad reviews fails on two levels, first as a business and second as an authority on reaching life goals.

    So it’s essential to keep your clients happy, even more so than in any other profession. Dissatisfied clients can cause lasting damage to your rep. Luckily, life coaches often cultivate long-term client relationships to balance this out.

    2. Coaches Coach Coaches

    It’s a truism that professionals know when they need professional help. Just as a doctor or therapist knows when to be a patient, a good life coach knows that a life coach can help them in turn.

    Becoming the client of another life coach can help you keep your own life on track and offload some of the pressure that comes with coaching others.

    It’s not a sign of weakness—acknowledging when you’re the one in need of support is the kind of strength a life coach should aim to inspire.

    3. Focus on the Big Picture

    When you’re trying to help someone get their life on track, it can be easy to get lost in the details. Yet focusing on specific solutions to problems makes a life coach less effective.

    It’s the "teach a man to fish" adage in action. By focusing on giving clients tools instead of solutions, you can make meaningful, lasting changes to their lives—which leads to happier clients.

    4. Develop a Toolset

    Speaking of tools, don’t forget to apply the same logic to your career. You’ll see many repeating themes as a life coach and, while every client is different, their problems often emerge from similar sources.

    Developing a professional toolset of techniques based on the problems you see most often helps you to refine what works. It’s not a matter of applying a one-size-fits-all solution—having the tools in place means you can modify them as needed.

    5. Stick to What You Know

    What is a life coach? Besides being all the things in that definition, here’s a couple of things it isn’t: a legal or financial advisor.

    Smart life coaches know to stick to helping their clients tackle life’s big picture issues, like motivation and contentment. At the same time, they know to steer clear of topics that need a dedicated professional. Crossing that boundary can land a life coach in hot water with their client—or worse.

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    Of course, there are exceptions. Some coaches specialize in specific fields, but the point is to stick to areas where you’re confident and avoid overreaching.

    Secrets of Successful Life Coaches

    These secrets of successful life coaches will start you off right—because a life coach also needs to understand the value of help before they can provide it. With these tips in mind, becoming a life coach will be that much easier.

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