Students with Good Communication Skills – the Right Fit for Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training Careers

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  • Image consulting and soft skills training are two of the most rewarding career options in the 21st century.

    So much so, that professionals are changing careers to enter the image management industry.

    These professions have many benefits such as work-life balance, chance to be your own boss, financial stability, etc. But they are the most practical career opportunities for students with excellent communication skills. Read on to know why.

    Interpersonal and Networking Skills

    For image consultants and soft skills trainers, confidence, clear communication, and a knack for networking are the key. With these skills, they can build a beneficial network, establish trust and credibility, and get clients.

    And for students who are good at communicating and networking, getting clients will not be a problem, which is usually the primary concern of professionals.

    Active Listening

    Good communicators do not just convey their thoughts clearly, but they are also great listeners when it comes to understanding what others think. This is the reason communication skills are extremely critical to becoming an image consultant or a soft skills trainer.

    You must be able to understand your clients’ feelings, confusion, or worries by the tone of their voice.

    As an excellent communicator, you can also understand non-verbal cues – for example – if a client is sitting with their hands folded in front of their chest, they may not be entirely convinced with what you suggested.

    Cues like this will help you alter your training or consulting session accordingly.

    Positive Attitude

    One of the best qualities of good communicators is that they can offset negative feedback with some positive comments wherever needed. And this is the kind of skill that’s very important in image consulting and soft skills training.

    As an image consultant or a soft skills trainer, you can’t keep highlighting your clients’ shortcomings. As a skilled professional, it will be your job to communicate the problems most subtly, while also discussing their growth and positive traits.

    If they know that they’ve come a long way and need some more growth, their confidence will automatically shoot up. On the other hand, if there’s no hint of motivation, they will stop showing any signs of growth.

    Timing and Clarity of Speech

    Good communicators know what to say and when so that there is maximum impact. And this is very important if you are an image consultant or a soft skills trainer.

    You must be able to seize the opportunity so that your ideas can be communicated across easily. Knowing when to speak, when to pause, and when to encourage the other to speak, is an art that all image consultants and soft skills trainers should have.


    A skill common in good communicators, empathy is extremely critical to the image consulting and soft skills training professions. When you’re working on people’s personalities, you could say something that may get your client very upset – for example – if a client is a little on the heavier side, you can’t tell them they are fat and that they shouldn’t wear bodycon dresses.

    Instead, tell them what kind of clothes would flatter their body shape. The whole point is making them feel confident in their body and skin so that they come out as a better and more confident version of themselves.

    Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training – Fruitfull Career Choices

    For outgoing students who love meeting new people, networking, getting new opportunities, and continue growing, image consulting and soft skills training are the perfect career choices. They are the most dynamic career options because, with just a single certification, you can get access to over 20 career fields, including

    • Makeover consulting
    • Wardrobe consulting
    • Event styling
    • Celebrity styling
    • TV/media/film styling
    • Confidence coaching
    • Etiquette training
    • Corporate training
    • Personality Development
    • Employability training, etc.

    Moreover, as an image consultant or a soft skills trainer, you get to choose your own projects, work in your own timings, and be your own boss.

    other valuable tips:

    Become an Image Consultant or a Soft Skills Trainer

    Enter thousands of crores huge image consulting and soft skills training industry in 3 steps:

    • Step 1: Get Trained –

      Choose a renowned institute that offers globally recognized certification on completing the course.

    • Step 2: Get Certified –

      Get image consulting and soft skills certification so that you can start building your portfolio. Prepare yourself for some volunteer work to enhance your portfolio and get more clients.

    • Step 3: Network and Get Clients –

      Spread the word in your circle; let everyone know about what you do. Word of mouth will work wonders in getting you more business. 

    Do your research, find out if you’re the right fit, and jump on the bandwagon. Join the rapidly growing image consulting and soft skills training industry and transform your life. All the best!

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