3 Bachelor Degree Programs to Take Online

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  • You’ve heard of online degree programs, but you’ve not really explored them in-depth. Sure, a lot of people are doing them, but they just seem "weird" to you. But online degrees are actually the same as traditional degrees. In fact, online degrees offer special benefits that traditional degrees don’t. For example, an online degree allows you to customize your schedule, take classes when you want, and take classes you otherwise might not have time for. Some degree programs offer more benefits than others.

    Business Degrees

    When you charge full-steam-ahead with a business degree, one of the things you’ll find is that communication is vital. You cannot break into the business world without stellar interpersonal communication skills. Before you find your bachelor degree programs online, do a little research on the universities you’re applying for.

    How do they handle in-class participation? How do they enhance the learning experience so that you can work on your communication skills? Most online courses require you to do a lot of writing, but you’ll also want a professor who plugs into the virtual classroom space, allowing you to talk to and see all of your other classmates during a lecture.

    Being able to participate in a virtual classroom will also prepare you to work for a global company that uses Skype or some other technology to communicate with vendors and clients.

    Teaching Degrees

    Teaching is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Some of the newer classroom tools include progressive and adaptive learning software that virtually takes over for the teacher. These technologies aren’t going away. In fact, they’re being improved upon so that more teachers can utilize them.

    To prepare yourself for the classroom of the future, you absolutely must become more comfortable with technology. Online classes can prepare you for a high-tech classroom, since you’ll be forced to interact with other students and your professor via chat-style interfaces, upload assignments, and attend lectures in a virtual classroom setting using a webcam or proprietary streaming software.

    IT Degrees

    What better way to learn your new profession than by immersing yourself in the technology? Online courses will "grease the groove" for you, providing day-to-day experience using chat interfaces and other online technologies.

    Communicating with your peers and your professor remotely will prepare you to work on networks where you might be working remotely. One of the most common deficiencies in the IT industry is communication skills. These skills absolutely must be developed when you attend school online, since everything is either written or you attend class virtually.

    True, there’s no person-to-person contact, but you must be able to express yourself clearly and communicate efficiently in order to complete assignments.

    Finally, the simple act of using the technology you may one day be working on allows you to become familiar with networks and systems that are currently being used by schools and some businesses. It’s sort of like test-driving the equipment before you use it, especially if you plan on working for the university you’re attending to get your degree. 

    Anthony Jensen works in higher education. He writes for education blogs to explain emerging trends and how those trends benefit students.

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