8 Simple Ways to Spread Kindness in College

spread kindness in college

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  • As the holidays come and go, one thing we truly hope remains—kindness.

    The holiday season is typically quite full of generosity, acts of service, and other amiable actions.

    However, those tend to falter off once the holidays pass.

    This year keep the season of giving going by following a few of these simple ways to spread kindness in college. From sharing your thankfulness to organizing donation drives, you’ll love the way these ideas fill up your soul. Check them out!

    Write Some Thank You Notes

    Take some time to write some handwritten thank you notes for your professors or students in class who helped you learn. These notes can be as simple as a thank you, or you can detail the impact someone had on your education. Either way, these card will bring some joy and gratitude to your life and theirs.

    Bring a Treat for Your 8 a.m.

    If you have an early morning class, think about bringing some treats to start everyone’s day off on a positive note. Whether it’s donuts or some coffee and muffins from your school’s coffee shop, these little gestures can make a big impact on shaping someone’s day.

    Start a Clothing Drive

    Clothing drives are a nice and simple way to support the charity of your choice. Ask those on your dorm floor, or those in your friend group, to donate some of their clothes. Once you have your donations ready, schedule a donation pick-up with an organization such as Purple Heart. You’ll bring joy to campus and to the hearts of those in need.

    Hand Out Compliment Cards

    This sweet idea might seem a little intimidating to try at first, but it’s a lovely idea for those looking to spread a little empowerment. Make some sweet compliment cards (go further than just looks—you’re so intelligent, you’re caring, and it shows), then hand them out around campus. Maybe you’ll even start a trend!

    Visit a Local Nursing Home

    Another great way to spread kindness with a group of friends is by visiting a local nursing home. If you don’t have a local nursing home, opt for an animal or homeless shelter. Spending time conversing with those who may be lonely, or just showing that you care, can truly turn their days around.

    other valuable tips:

    Clean Off Your Neighbor’s Car

    If you live in a snowy locale, then when you inevitably have to clean off your own vehicle, clean of someone else’s. If you don’t have a car, shovel someone else’s driveway, or wipe off the cars in the professor’s parking spaces. This simple action can bring a smile to someone’s face.

    Leave Inspirational Flyers on Campus

    Similar to the compliment cards, these flyers just take out the personal communication. Rather than going directly up to someone, leave some inspirational flyers on boards around campus. From your favorite quotes to a meme that produces a smile, these inspirational flyers offer a great way spread some kindness in college!

    Pay It Forward

    One of the simplest ways to spread happiness and kindness is by paying it forward. This can be as simple as letting someone go in front of you in line at the cafeteria or paying for someone else’s coffee. Think about it this way—if it would make you happy if someone else did it for you, try doing it for someone else!

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