5 Skills that Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

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  • If you’ve been struggling to get a job, missing goals, or otherwise not performing at your best, there might be a reason for that.

    Unfortunately, that reason is one that many people hate to hear: you might not have fully fleshed out your suite of marketable skills.

    That isn’t the same as saying that you have no skills. Rather, the phrase “marketable skills” simply refers to skills that are certain to help you succeed in the open market. These five skills fit perfectly into that category.


    It’s no secret that positive teamwork (or lack thereof) can make or break a project. Even with the most dedicated, determined, and qualified team members, the project can still be doomed to fail if those team members don’t get along.

    Regardless of whether or not your team members deserve your respect and kindness, you deserve to have team members who think that of you as respectful and kind.

    Treating your team members with respect and kindness–whether they deserve it or not–can provide a vast array of benefits for you.

    Most notably, such a practice can make them more likely to enjoy you as a person. That, in turn, enables you to more easily sway them into working the way that you believe they should work, giving you the power to boost productivity and potentially resurrect the project.


    The ability to generate clear and concise communications is one of the most important skills in just about every industry on the market. Unfortunately, it is very rarely taught. And in the few cases where it is frequently taught, it is typically glossed over.

    The lack of communications-related soft skills is most strikingly noticeable in the various tech industries. In fact 67% of HR professionals say that they have refused to hire a qualified tech candidate because of the candidate’s lack of soft skills, such as communication skills.

    By boosting your ability to effectively communicate, you do more than just make yourself a better employee–you make yourself a happier person. People who are known for being able to get their point across rarely suffer frustrations related to confusion, misunderstandings, or other conversational mishaps.


    Another often overlooked soft skill in most industries is the ability to write. Even if you have the greatest ability to communicate out of all the people in your office, that’s not going to matter much if you can’t put those techniques to use in your writing.

    Once again, the tech field is at the forefront of this controversy. Despite the high level of importance that writing has in the tech industry, few tech professionals consider writing to be of any importance whatsoever. Instead, they focus almost exclusively on hard, STEM-related skills.

    By improving your ability to communicate through writing, you improve the likelihood of wowing potential employers through your cover letter, securing clients through email-based professionalism, and much, much more.


    One of the most in-demand skills across industries is the ability to write, read, and understand code. While this is obvious for professionals working in the tech industry, it often goes overlooked for just about everybody else. But times are changing.

    Nowadays, technology is a critical part in every single industry from agriculture to zoology. Content writers, electricians, even carpenters have begun learning to code in the hope of increasing the number of tools at their disposal.

    In fact, coding is currently going from a nice skill to have to a necessity for employment. That has led countless schools all across the country (and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the world) to teach coding for kids.


    Although self-confidence is not technically a skill in and of itself, there are skills that govern it. Knowing how to use those skills can improve just about every aspect of your life, from your employment to your general level of happiness.

    Mindfulness exercises can help to boost self-confidence in a variety of ways, ranging from improved focus and productivity to reducing stress and anxiety. By making your own well-being a solid part of your New Year’s resolution, you not only increase your marketable skills but you also improve your overall quality of life.

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    If you make your New Year’s resolution about improving your mastery over these five skills, you’ll be sure to enjoy a higher standard of living. Whether the improvements manifest themselves through improved work efficiency or simply by making you feel like a newer, better person, you can rest assured knowing that you’re making strides in the right direction.

    With a few weeks left in the year, it’s time to start thinking less about the past and more about the future.

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