10 Reasons to Start your Career as an Android APP Developer

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  • Companies are close to begging people to make apps for their businesses.  iPhone apps and Android apps are competing daily, because the  market is so divided by consumers.  IT professionals that are able to program as well are in a very nice place at this moment in time.

    1: Easy Training

    If you are computer savvy, then you know that app programming is not that difficult of a task to take on.  However, you need to know the basics of programing and be able to study and research the most effective ways to get an app to perform based on client’s wishes.  Learning how to build an Android app is not that complicated and does not require a Masters or Doctorates degree.

    2: Pay is Awesome

    If a company wants to build a custom phone app for their business with the average capabilities of posting and purchasing products, it will cost in the neighborhood of $50,000 according to www.estimatemyapp.com, which gives great information and a checklist of wants and needs of the business.  The average turnaround for an app like this is 90 days, so be prepared.

    3: Jobs are Every Where

    Companies are hiring left and right for phone app developers. You can find job postings on monster.com, craigslist, elance, and of course corporate businesses who are hiring app developers.  The field is hot and it is not going anywhere.  The only thing that may change is the programming code, but the idea and basis remain the same.  As long as you are willing to stay up-to-date on new codes and applications, you can stay competitive in the marketplace.

    4: Work from Anywhere

    The job of a mobile developer means that you can be on-the-go as well.  You can house your office anywhere in the world and still perform your job.  This means that you can live in an affordable place and make a very large income.

    5: Varied Projects

    Your job would always be new and exciting and something that only lasts for a short period of time.  The projects are quick and simple, especially once you get your niche.

    6: Demand is High

    The field is saturated with companies that need app development and there is a shortage of app developers.   Learning the trade is something that can benefit you in the long run and can allow you to charge what you are worth.

    7: You can be your own boss

    This means you can be an app developer on your own accord.  There may be things that you need help with or a developer that you need to use for a graphic, but that is something easily obtained from websites like fiverr.com.  Outsource things you don’t have time for or that you are not well-versed in.

    8: Repeat Customers

    Unlike a home builder, who builds you a house once or maybe twice in a lifetime, web app developers are hired over and over again for various projects.  Finding one great business company can ensure you are set for the entire year.

    9: Set your own hours

    You do not have to be a business savvy person or a people person to work this job.  You only have to take direction and provide product that the customer is looking for.  There are really no sales pitches, because you are the one they are seeking out.

    10: Challenging

    This field is changing daily and the competitive nature of mobile technology is always high.  Therefore, you will be challenged daily to provide the best product for your customers in the fastest amount of time possible.  Are you up for the challenge?

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