Imbibe the Essential Skills to be the Successful Lecture

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  • Remember your childhood days, when role playing as a teacher was one of your favorite pastimes? Do you feel like turning that juvenile act into reality? Do you have a knack for academics and you have always thought of imparting your knowledge to the youth? If yes, then you are rightly carved out for the role of a lecturer.

    A lecturer is an academic rank who educates the youth in the college or in a University. The lecturer is a Ph.D. holder and has the impeccable know-how of a particular subject. In other words, the individual is a subject-matter expert. The lecturer is responsible for arousing the interest of his students in that particular subject in which he is proficient. He communicates the knowledge to a large group of audience in a simple and comprehensible language. Hence, those aspiring for the lecturer jobs need to be adept in the following skills:

    Public Speaking skills

    This is one of the integral skills required in the daily routine of every professor or lecturer. A lecturer has to address and educate from a small group to an audience every day. Almost every student has come across a lecturer in their college days that had ample knowledge but could not express them clearly failing to grab the interest of the class.

    Therefore, in order to be a good lecturer you need to have the control over your levels of adrenaline and nerves.  You need to be a good orator controlling your tone, pitch and speaking tempo. Most of the people get nervous while speaking publicly hence failing to convey information properly. Listen to the speeches of the famous orators to see how slowly and clearly they communicate with the crowd.

    Inter-personal skills

    The 21st -century lecturer needs to develop an extensive bandwidth. His job no longer limits him to the four walls of his own cabin. He needs to get up from his chair, interact with students and colleagues on one to one basis. The individual needs to supervise administer a number of institution related activities. Delegating the work during an event such as interviews, seminars and conferences and its smooth organization is a job of the person.

    A lecturer plays an important role in counselling and motivating a student. Hence, students discuss their study related, professional and at times personal issues with them to get the proper guidance. Thus, you need to work on your interpersonal communication skills to build better interpersonal relationships in the institute.

    Self- motivation

    You need to be self-driven to achieve the set goals. There will be no boss sitting on top of your head to look after how you organize your schedule. You need to priorities and customize the pattern that works the best for you. This will require a strictly disciplined life.

    If you feel that you are lacking on a particular skill or knowledge then you need to take the initiative to acquire them. The lecturer job comprises of the same chores day in and day out, you need to be passionate about your work to keep it going. You need to continuously review and evaluate your goals with your achievements to keep the fire burning.

    Proper Management of time

    A lecturing job comprises of several tresses. Hence, a good lecturer needs to have an excellent time management skills. You time needs to be divided between your classes, preparing of study materials, session calendar, and supervisory work and, of course, your research.

    You need to identify the perfect time of the day when you can focus more to allocate more task during that time. You need to be constantly in the mode of planning and reviewing to assess the progress. If you lack in this intricate skill then it might live you cluttered and messy.

    Database Management

    Maintaining record regarding the study materials, the lesson plans, and students’ credentials and academic growth and updating it continuously is an important task of the lecturer. Hence, the person needs to have the technical know-how of database management.

    It is based on these records a lecture is going to assess his students and his work in an academic year. He or she might have to submit these records at the end of the year as well to get their performance assessed. Hence maintaining the accuracy of the information is necessary.

    Thus if you have a strong hold on the above mentioned five skills then there will be no hindrance in your path of success and you will be one of the most popular lecturers in the institute. So brace yourself and work on these key skills to shine brightly in the field of academics.

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