10 Things Top Cooking Schools Consider on an Application

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  • Getting into a good culinary arts school is similar to applying for a good university; top cooking schools also have requirements and standards that need to met. If you are interested in a culinary career, you should be aware of some of the application conditions.


    Like with most colleges and trade schools that have an application process, culinary schools are interested in your activities outside of school. Your interests and the things you participate in during your free time, can tell a lot about you and your personality.

    Education Level

    A high school degree may be the bare minimum level of education you need to have before being admitting to a top culinary school. The more education you have and the more diverse the courses you have passed are, the better it looks on you.

    Work Experience

    Having related work experience, can give you a leg up when starting culinary school. The experience you have speaks for itself since it proves you are capable of succeeding in this career. Experience also shows that you have the potential to do well at the school and get off to a fast start.


    Many culinary schools ask their applicants to provide an essay about themselves when applying. This is done to get to know you better and what you careers goals are. A thorough essay will give the school’s admissions personnel insight to your goals and willingness to achieve them.


    You must prove that you meet the legal requirements to attend the school you are applying for. You will need valid I.D. to satisfy state and federal laws that pertain to that particular school and its location.

    Placement Tests

    You may need to take a placement or assessment test when trying to get into a culinary school to determine where you should start. If you should begin your schooling in an advanced course, the tests should prove this and that will save time for you and the school.


    Recommendations are an important aspect of most advanced education programs. Having a recommendation from a respected chef, instructor, or industry insider can help you a lot when trying to get accepted to a good culinary school. You may need more than one recommendation for the program you want to get into.

    Payment Ability

    School administrators need to know how capable you are of paying for the education you are seeking. There are usually programs that can help you pay for your education and this process needs to be sorted out before you start.


    You will likely have to show transcripts from schools you have previously attended. This usually applies to high school, trade schools, and any colleges you have taken courses at. The transcripts will probably have to be official, instead of copies that you printed out.


    Any SAT or ACT test results you may have can be beneficial to your application process. While they may not be necessary to have or show the school, they can help prove your academic abilities and with scholarship qualifications.

    Getting into a top cooking school may be difficult task. You should take every step to impress the recruiters and show them why you would make a good addition to their program. Top culinary schools are like many other schools with good reputations, they want the best students and offer a good education.

    Erik Johnson is an online writer and active contributor who love to share useful information about various essentials required for an entry level into one of the top cooking schools.

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