3 Benefits of Becoming an Owner-Operator

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  • As you gain more and more experience with your CDL, you may find yourself at a crossroads on determining how you want to steer your career. For many truck drivers, the next step in their lives is becoming an owner-operator with a trucking company.

    It may seem like a lot of effort to find expedited trucking companies that are willing to work with you and many of your needs, but with the right company, you’ll be happy you chose such a free and relaxing career as an owner-operator.

    1. There’s Always Money to Be Made

    With every load you haul, you are going to make a fair percentage when you work with the right company. When you’re allowed to choose the loads you take, you’re able to find the right routes that are going to get you the most money possible. There are also freight factoring specialists that can help independent truckers get paid upfront.

    2. The Flexibility Makes It Easy

    Not many jobs allow you to create your own schedule, so as an owner-operator, you can decide when and where you want to take loads. This can give you a chance to spend extra time at home or away from home, if necessary.

    3. Experience Is Easy to Gain

    Although you’ve already obtained your CDL and gained experience, you can continue learning and expanding your knowledge even after you’ve began making money. Instead of waiting for a “raise,” you can gain all the experience necessary to excel while still doing your job and getting paid top dollar.

    Once you have decided that becoming an owner-operator is in your future, you’ve decided that you want to live the relaxing and enjoyable life as someone who can travel and work at their own choosing. For experienced CDL drivers, there is no better career available than one on the road in your own truck.

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