4 Career Building Tips for Millennials

Career Building Tips Millennials

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  • In just a few years, millennials will make up over 50% of the workforce.

    These driven, media-savvy folks tend to follow a very different career trajectory than their parents did.

    They are less likely to stick with a single job for the entire working life, but also far more willing to pursue jobs based on their passions. Millennials are also filling many brand-new positions and niches, such as social media and online networking based careers.

    If you’re a millennial looking to build your career, there are plenty of options out there for you! Here’s some advice to help you get started finding the perfect job for your fabulous millennial self:

    Define Your Goals

    The “pick one job and stick with it forever” path may not be for you – and that’s okay! However, it’s still important to establish goals and take a long-term view of your future.

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 20? What industry would you prefer to work in? What job do you ultimately see yourself doing? What skills do you need to acquire to get yourself there?

    Keep your goals written down somewhere, so that you can consult them as you progress through your career journey. That way, you’ll have something to look back on with pride once those goals are reached.

    Visit a Business Coach

    If you’re not sure what the ideal next career step for you is, a business coach can help. Business coaches are trained and experienced entrepreneurs who can help younger workers make valuable career decisions and ultimately move towards their outlined goals.

    There are so many ways in which a business coach can help you. They can improve your resume. They can recommend classes or training certifications. They can make you aware of jobs which you may not have even known existed. And, most valuable of all, they can expand your network by connecting you with valuable professional contacts and resources.

    Make Social Media Work for You

    Social media isn’t just for posting vacation pictures or keeping up with long-distance friends. It is a valuable networking tool which millennials should utilize when establishing themselves in the working world.

    Create a LinkedIn profile and start making connections. Establish a brand for yourself and display it prominently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. As you gain experience in your desired field, make your portfolio available online for future employers to check out. When people Google your name, make sure they can easily get to know just what you have to offer.

    other valuable tips:

    Sell Your Millennial Self

    Millennials may not always have the best reputation in the media. However, this generation possesses a set of valuable, unique skills which their parents’ generation did not. When applying for jobs and creating online profiles, make sure to highlight these millennial skills so they work to your advantage.

    Some examples to help you get started:

    • Multitasking – millennials are capable of following several conversations at once across multiple devices
    • Media literacy – millennials are proficient in social media an understand better than anyone else how online advertising and marketing work
    • Flexibility – studies have shown millennials are more willing than previous generations to work long or irregular hours outside the “standard 9-to-5”  

    No matter the career you choose or the job you are applying for, remember: being a millennial isn’t something to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s an advantage which you can put to use to get ahead in the job market. The working world is rapidly changing and growing – and driven, ambitious, career-focused millennials are ready for it!

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