Preparing Your Teen For College

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  • In the teen years, there is nothing as important for a kid than parental support.

    Teenage is the phase when the child learns how to make decisions for himself and at the same time, eager to try out new things.


    In this critical period, your child needs parental support the most, especially if they are studying in competitive colleges in Singapore. Though all the decisions of the sensitive phase of life are vital but the most important is that of College.

    College is a different environment, which exposes the child to many more aspects of life; which they might have never faced before. So, how are you preparing your teen for college? Being a parent, your responsibility increases. This article will help to ease your stress and make your child ready for college.

    How To Prepare Your Teen For College

    Teach them to make the right decisions

    Once your child reaches the best college in Singapore, they are out of your immediate reach. They make decisions without any prior consultation. The right way to help your teenage child is to teach how to make the right decisions. Educate them to remain proactive while taking decisions by thinking about the consequences of it.

    If possible, start teaching them much before their college, allow them to take their decisions themselves under your guidance. Keep an eye on them, to interrupt them at the right time so that they don’t fall in a trap with any wrong decision.

    Let them pick from choices, on their own without having to consult you. This will enable them to think strategically, and when they make a mistake, you can correct them.

    Teach them to choose the right company

    The company they also keep matters, especially the ones that come to their ways in the first few weeks of being in College. The company, your teenage child, keeps goes a long way in influencing him over a longer time. Hence, you need to advise them on friends they keep.

    You need to make the child understand that he has to keep the set of friends that will help him in achieving whatever goal he has. There is a need to pick friends wisely. You need to emphasize this and make them see the wisdom in what you are saying.

    Teach them on time management

    A whole lot of activities is going on in College, and without care, time is wasted. You need to make your ward understand that he or she would be faced with so many activities to be involved in. However, priority matters. Scheduling and sticking to it also really matters. In College, the child is exposed to a more open schedule that he fills with whatever he wants; you need to teach him to manage time. Self-discipline, goal setting, and achievement, you need to teach your teen child on all these.  

    other valuable tips:

    Teach them on money management

    If one is not careful, debts can be quickly accumulated in College. Other than Tuition fees, another money issue most college students face is the Credit card. The credit card companies somewhat make college student the target of their various services. If your ward is not knowledgeable about being frugal with money, he or she will end up in debt.

    Right from a younger age, you need to teach your kids how to manage money effectively. Teach them to save, teach them to invest; that way, they would be used to money management by the time they are in College.


    Preparing your teen from College should start from a very tender age; this way, you would have successfully imbibed all these lessons in them. It is never too late to start teaching your teen child all these. College in Singapore can be overwhelming. Hence, your teen child must be adequately prepared.

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