4 High-Impact Careers for People Who Love Kids

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  • Childhood is a sustained period of change.

    It seems like just after birth, kids are sitting up, crawling, and toddling around on their own two legs.

    As they age, they lose teeth, learn new things, work through tough life issues, and become passionate about certain subjects.

    Looking toward your own future, you may feel the pull to help kids along during these periods of change. You may find motivation from your own childhood experiences or those of others. Regardless of your underlying reasons, here are several high-impact careers for people who love kids to inspire you.

    ABA Therapist

    First, serving as an applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapist provides comprehensive support for kiddos with autism. Though it’s not an absolute must, therapists often have a grounding in psychology from an undergraduate program. A bachelor’s degree with a concentration on behavioral theory and learning, in particular, readies them for this vital work.

    As a therapist, you either work in a clinic or in clients’ homes. Regardless of where you work from, you implement programs to promote these children’s social, practical, and mental skills. This involves rewarding them for healthy play, successful chores, exercising, and so much more.

    Pediatric Dental Assistant

    Meanwhile, becoming a pediatric dental assistant allows you to help kids during a particularly dreaded part of their life—dentist visits. A pediatric dental assistant’s role, while broad and technical, also involves a lot of patient contact revolving around this topic.

    Upon coming back and sitting in the dental chair, kids get nervous. As they grapple with many unknowns, your words and presence give them much-needed calm.

    Not only do you facilitate a dentist’s vital job in doing this, but you also help kids to conquer their fears for the future. Who knows? The impression you leave with kids could help them face their fears of doctors in general.


    Among the prototypical careers for people who love kids, a school teacher tops many people’s lists. Your daily contact with kids leaves an unmistakable imprint, even if they don’t understand that until later. Also, with so many working parents now facing tough childcare decisions if schools go remote due to COVID-19, it’s crystal clear how vital schools are to this country’s infrastructure.

    Going this route traditionally involves a bachelor’s degree in teaching, plus a state-specific teaching license. That said, private schools have varying policies, with some only requiring a college degree to take over a classroom.

    other valuable tips:

    School Counselor or Social Worker

    To support struggling students, consider if life as a counselor or social worker is a good fit for you. At the minimum, you’ll need a bachelor’s in social work or psychology. Keep in mind, though, that many schools prefer to hire someone with a master’s degree.

    This job has all kinds of moving parts, ranging from counseling students and educating parents on resources to advocating for specialized instruction and reporting domestic abuse. While it isn’t for the faint of heart, social work and counseling are deeply meaningful careers, as you’ll meet kids amidst their struggles and provide them with a stable resource to work through their challenges.

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