Kid Assist: 5 Health Careers to Work with Children

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  • If you like to work with children there are a lot of things you can do: Coach Little League, lead a scout troop, work in a day care, etc. But what if you want to go to college and get a degree? What kind of jobs will a degree prepare you for, and what kind of degree do you need to earn? Here are four careers that and the degrees that prepare you for success in them.

    Pediatric Nutritionist

    The job of a pediatric nutritionist is to evaluate the nutritional needs of children and infants and create dietary plans to meet those needs. Any place that supplies food to children needs a pediatric nutritionist. That includes schools, hospitals (especially children’s hospitals) and day care centers, to name a few. Educational requirements include a bachelor’s degree, an internship and certification. Certification requirements can differ from state to state, and there are also continuing education requirements to ensure certified nutritionist’s knowledge is current.

    Speech-Language Pathologist

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Speech-language pathologists are in demand and that demand will continue for at until at least 2022. They assess patient’s problem areas, determine the best options for treatment and develop plans they use to treat the patient. Schools, hospitals, treatment centers and home health services are among the many places a speech-language pathologist can find work. A master’s degree is a requirement, along with state licensing. Specifics vary from state to state, so contact your state medical board for more information.

    High-risk Obstetrician

    This profession works with children still in the womb by helping to stave off complications and deliver high-risk babies. Also known as maternal-fetal medicine specialists and perinatologists, doctors such as Dr. Gilbert Webb on LinkedIn take an additional two to three years of specialized training in order to practice high-risk obstetrics. These physicians can expect an average salary of $396,151.

    Youth Counselor

    Youth counseling is a very broad field that can include everything from counseling elementary students for social and academic development to helping pregnant teens deal with the compounding stresses of being a teenager and an expectant mother. First pregnancies are often stressful. A counselor helps the expectant mother understand her feelings, making her more comfortable with the changes she is going through.

    Nowhere is this support more important than with a teenage mother who is going through not only the stresses of pregnancy, but of adolescence as well. Careers in counseling usually require a master’s degree with hours of clinical experience under a licensed counselor, state licensing, and continuing education to stay abreast of new developments in your field.

    Pediatric Nursing

    Pediatric nurses work anywhere children are treated. Schools, clinics and hospitals are only a few places a pediatric nurse might find employment. Pediatric nurses study the way children develop and the ways their bodies differ from the bodies of adults. The first step to becoming a pediatric nurse is to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing. The next step is to work someplace children are treated, and after gaining experience treating children, take the Certified Pediatric Nurse test.

    These are only four degree possibilities for people who want to work with children. There are dozens more in almost every area of study.

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