4 Things You Need In Your Dorm That You Probably Didn’t Think Of

things you need in your dorm

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  • Starting college can be overwhelming.

    Meeting all these new people, taking on more responsibilities, and for many, moving into the dorms.

    Inevitably, when making the big move from your childhood room to your college dorm, you’re going to have to downsize.

    College dorms are notorious for having little storage space and unfortunately, you may not be able to bring every single thing you own. This being said, there are few things that really just make sense to have.

    And once you get them, you’ll never know how you lived without them.

    Drain Snake

    Drain snakes are one of the most convenient tools to have in the dorm. While some dorms have communal bathrooms, others have smaller ones shared by 2-4 people.

    Inevitably, when people share sinks and drains, hair and other things will get stuck in the drain. And there is nothing quite as off-putting as water backing up in the sink or shower.

    Drain snakes make the hair removal process super easy, so you can be back to showering comfortably in no time. However, if you find that your plumbing is having recurring issues, it may be time to let your RA know that a professional should take a look.

    Slippers/Shower shoes

    Dorms are notoriously a little gross. With a lot of people tracking in out of the building, you never know what is getting on those floors.

    Because it’s a pain to throw on shoes every time you want to walk to the laundry room, be sure to bring a pair of slippers with you to college. Slippers are an easy and comfortable footwear choice that you can slip on and off when you need to.

    Additionally, if you use a communal shower shared among a larger group of people, shower shoes are a must. Similar to the dorm floors, you never know what’s on the floor of a shower.

    Shower shoes help provide a barrier between your feet and the floor to prevent anything from getting on your feet.


    Similar to the slippers, robes are a similar concept. There are times when you need to walk around your dorm, whether it is to go to the laundry room or to the bathroom, and you don’t feel like putting on a whole outfit.

    Robes are easy to throw one and cover-up without actually having to get dressed. This is particularly helpful on laundry day when you don’t have any clean clothes to wear!

    Additionally, robes are helpful when you need to get dressed in your shared room and aren’t comfortable changing with someone else in the room yet. 

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    Sharing a room with someone is no easy feat. People are different and find different things comfortable. But you don’t always have to sacrifice your comfort for someone else.

    One of the most prominent things that are hard to control is the temperature of the room. Some people like it colder and others prefer a warmer environment.

    In order to keep your side of the room to your liking, consider bringing a heater or a fan, or both. Small fans and space heaters are easy to store can help make your side of the room comfortable to your liking.

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