5 Excellent Resources for Students to Study Effectively

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  • Many students might have probably included doing better in school this 2016 in their New Year’s Resolutions. While resolutions are usually not followed, studying well and doing better is always possible especially when students are able to maximize online resources that effectively help them to study. To start with, here are five of those proven excellent resources that not only help young, motivated students to study but also to study effectively, among many other online platforms.

    Study Guide Zone

    Study Guide Zone is for those who are vying for universities or colleges and want to prepare as early as possible for the entrance exams needed such as the SAT and those in certain colleges. Study Guide Zone simply helps students by aiding them with study guides for exam and review purposes. Study guides for some licensing exams are also available on the website to help you with the after-graduation. The guides are listed in an easy-to-read order and manner, making a student navigate through the web faster.


    EssayPro.club is a famous and growing website that seeks to bring together professional essay writers and in-need-of-essays students. The site has been proven and tested by many students and other individuals who have found satisfaction in the quality of work that the site provides. Its main niche lies in academic and custom papers that are clearly reflective of high-quality content from writers who were screened thoroughly and carefully. For students who need custom essays to be done, what they only need to do is to place an order and then buy essay. The student can always communicate with the writer of the paper at any time desired either for follow-ups, clarifications, suggestions and learnings.


    Schooltraq is what almost any student would want—a free academic planner. This application has been greatly used by many students worldwide in creating class schedules that can be synced from online to the mobile phone. Students can also posts upcoming tests, exams and homework in the dashboard and set them for reminders. Sorting them out is also possible for easy navigation. You can either classify them by date, subject or some particular order. Schooltraq has been a favorite even since students liked the idea of an academic planner in digital mode.


    Another alternative to Schooltraq is the iHomework. This application is available in Apple Operating System and are also widely used by students who want to keep their school affairs organized. Having to keep up with the non-ending assignments and sometimes overlapping homeworks from different subject courses happens a lot and this can be pretty hard for a student. As a result, a student tends to forget to do something once in a while and annoyingly, only remember it afterwards. Those are just some of the reasons why people prefer to keep a planner nearby, whether physical or digital, so that they’d get updated about what to do next and expect in the coming hours or days. IHomework effectively gives students the best to-do app for helping students keep up with assignments. Though it costs a few dollars, the app can always be synced with Mac.

    eLearn Magazine

    This online platform has its goal set in becoming the place where research and practice divulge to provide people, students or not, with resources that can aid in any learning process. The target of the eLearn Magazine includes readers who are interested in higher education, those who are teaching under the K-12 program whether blended or online, government, NGOs and private companies. The platform stocks and provides content to these target audiences through published articles in various fields such as management, design, technologies and development. ELearn Magazine is still relatively new to the online market but it has very well proven itself as an effective and primary source of loads of information under the purview of different contexts and for a variety of readers.

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