Starving Student Fixes for Getting Cash on a Tight Budget

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  • College students are famously short on time and cash. You may not have the schedule to go out and get another job, but you’ve still got text books to buy and other expenses to cover. The good news is there are some unusual avenues open for you to make some extra money and cover that pizza on Friday night.

    Body Parts for Sale

    You don’t have to part with a kidney to make some extra change. You can actually be paid for plasma, your hair, and even breast milk. If you’re going to sell your hair, make sure you keep it healthy by avoiding chemical treatments. When parting with plasma, remember that it will make you more tired. Try to only do this once or twice a month so your body has time to recover. If you’re a college student and a new mother, it may be worth your time to start pumping some of your breast milk to benefit other babies.

    Get Creative

    One of the problems with gold teeth fillings is they conduct heat and cold. This can increase sensitivity to different foods and drinks. If you’ve been experiencing pain from a filling anyway, then it may be time to replace it. Once your new amalgam fixture is in place, you can sell the original gold filling to a dental crown buyer and put some cash back in your pocket.

    Become a Sitter

    It’s not about watching the kids Monday through Friday. You don’t have time for that. However, you probably have weekends and some evenings free. You can offer to watch local kids while parents have a date night. You can also advertise to be a pet sitter. Stay on at someone’s house and hang out with their pets without infringing on your class schedule. You’ll put some cash in your wallet, and you can refuse or accept jobs based on your class load.

    Clean Out the Closet

    If you’ve got a closet full of designer clothes you never wear, then it’s time to have a sale. Put the clothes on an online site, or put up signs that you’re going to have a “dorm room sale” to make some space in your closet.

    Be a Scrap Dude

    If you’ve got a truck and some money for gas, then you can take a drive through town the night before the trash man shows up. Old exercise equipment, appliances, and even bikes can be sold for scrap. This one is tricky because the value of scrap metal can vary drastically. One week you can walk out with enough for a night out with friends, and the next you won’t even cover your gas. However, you and your friends can still have some fun with the trash picking.

    Rent a Room

    If you’re lucky enough to be in an apartment with extra space to spare, then rent it out. College students are generally okay with sharing a bathroom and kitchen. You may even get enough in rental fees to cover your own monthly expenses. You may want to check references before renting out the space, and agree on some ground rules for the common areas.

    If you’re struggling with the finances, then it’s time to take some steps to put extra money back in your pocket. You may be frustrated by a general lack of time, but these options can all work around your busy schedule. You can also combine different methods to get extra cash for your expenses and a little money for having fun.

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