5 Perfect Jobs for College Students

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  • Need a flexible job while completing your degree, but really don’t want to work in the food services industry? Here are six job ideas that can earn you a little extra income and build your resume.

    1: Customer Service

    Customer service encompasses a large portion of the job sector, from reception positions to sales associates in department stores. However, jobs that include customer service are a great choice for building job experience, as opposed to other positions in retail or business.

    Many higher-grade jobs, such as managerial and front desk positions, require at least six months of customer service experience. Even customer service jobs that don’t require a lot of training look great on your resume. So even though you may not want to sell suits all the way through college, these jobs are an excellent way to ensure that your next job pays better and gets you closer to your career goals.

    2: Working on Campus

    Whether you’re interested in working as a campus librarian or in the recruiting call center, finding a job on-campus is a great way to earn a paycheck without having to go too far for work.

    Your college or university will likely have available jobs listed on their website, but if there is a career center on campus, you should definitely check with the staff there as well. Here are some common on-campus jobs:

    • Bookstore Employee
    • Grader
    • Student Production Assistant
    • Paid Research Assistant
    • Peer Tutor
    • Campus Tech Support
    • Librarian

    If your university doesn’t run year round, these jobs offer great work experience that can help you get a summer job with the city, a local retailer, or a telecommunications company.

    3: Physical Labor

    You may crinkle your nose, but manual labor jobs are a great way to get some sun, stay in shape, and earn some cash. Some of these jobs offer wages that come out to approximately time and half when compared to minimum wage jobs.

    Many of these jobs are seasonal and depend on your location, such as field working positions. These jobs are available in areas that grow crops like corn, which requires pollinating and de-tasseling by hand. Other jobs, like working as a groundskeeper in city parks or as a painter are available year round. These jobs provide valuable work experience and are an easy way to keep yourself physically active while earning some cash.

    4: Study Participant

    If your university has research departments—usually in the science or medical fields—participating in studies is a great way to get cash quickly. These studies usually involve taking a short test or filling out a questionnaire. Simple, right?

    Though being a study participant is by no means a steady source of income, paid studies can be made to fit into your schedule. At most universities, you’re most likely to find open studies in need of participants in the sociology, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, and behavioral biology departments (information from About.com). All you need to do to get the job is swing by the departments and look for flyers asking for participants.

    5: Writer

    There are myriad companies which employ content writers, copywriters, and editors to produce content for their clients. Some of these companies, such as Content Crossroads, hire in-house writers for content production. Typically these jobs are paid by the hour and offer stable work schedules.

    Others, like Writer’s Domain, allow you to work from home at your own pace and on your own schedule. Usually these work-from-home options pay per word, so if you’ve beefed up your typing skills with academic papers, this can be a great way to earn money without having to stick to a definitive schedule.

    One of the best ways to find out what jobs are available in your area is to visit your campus’ career center. Online searches and city or state employment centers can also help you in your quest to find a college job that fits your skills and your schedule.

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